TA Podcast: The E3 Special

Jonathan Barnes - June 14th 2013

In the event you've been living under a rock or in a secret, underground vault, thirty meters below the plains of North Dakota, let me be the first to say, "Welcome back."

Secondly, you might have missed E3.

Fortunately for you, the TA crew is here to talk about everything that the event covered. TrueAchievement, Dog of Thunder, and me, osubluejacket, go down the docket by discussing Microsoft's press conference, the news and revelations surrounding the Xbox One, the hottest game reveals, and even talk about "the other guys" who (evidently) did a pretty good job at E3, as well.

In a special bit of DLC for this podcast, TA and Matrarch also come in to discuss the late-breaking (seriously, it came out hours after we recorded) news about next gen achievements.

Since we had two, back-to-back, "Special Edition" podcasts, we'll be getting back to regularly schedule amazingness next month, so be sure to send us questions and achievement challenges either by posting in the thread or sending me a message.

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