Opening Up the TA Podcast Mailbag

Jonathan Barnes - July 5th 2013

As the TrueAchievements Podcast marches forward, bringing you the news and views from our top-notch crew (which somehow includes myself), we're always appreciative of feedback from the community. Next This Sunday, the crew of Matrarch, TrueAchievement, and me, osubluejacket, will be sitting down to record our next show. We've got a pretty full docket of items to go over (ranging from Microsoft's recent DRM reversal, to the TA Bean Dive, and all the way over to a discussion on the Summer of Arcade), as well as this month's Achievement Challenge, and a BIG announcement from the big man himself. That being said, we still would like to hear from you in our first TA Mailbag segment. We've had plenty of great questions submitted thus far, but we still have time to squeeze in a few more!

Wow, that's great obj, but what do we do to participate?
I'm glad you asked, curious gamer!

Feel free to leave your questions for the crew in the comments on this story and we'll go through and pick out the shiniest ones to read and answer on the show!

That sounds incredibly easy, obj, but what's in it for me?
Another excellent question, incentive-motivated gamer.

The top question (as picked by the crew) will be getting a new copy (NTSC) of everyone's favorite feces throwing simulation, Duke Nukem Forever!

Rules And Regulations
- This competition is unavailable to TA Staff members... but feel free to send us questions, anyway!
- Entry is via a comment to this thread
- The winner will be chosen by the TA Podcast Crew
- The winner will receive a new, NTSC copy of Duke Nukem Forever