Challenge the TA Podcast Crew!

Jonathan Barnes - February 7th 2014


Due to some circumstances that might have Cthulhu-related, we had to postpone our plans to record the podcast on Sunday, but there is some good news. We're recording TONIGHT! That means you can still issue us an Achievement Challenge and win a "fabulous prize"!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Gamers of all Ages, I have one simple questions for you:

Are you ready to rock... with an Achievement Challenge!?

That's right, this weekend the TA Podcast crew of Matrarch, TrueAchievement, and I will be sitting down to record the February podcast, discuss all of the hottest news to hit the site, reminisce over last month's achievement challenge (personally, I channeled my inner Shatner while taking on Little Rocket Man), and plan ahead to next month's challenge.

You might be asking yourself, "What is next month's challenge, obj? I DEMAND TO KNOW! WHY DO YOU KEEP THINGS FROM US?! YOU'RE NOT MY SPOUSE!"

Calm down, enraged gamer with marital issues, I'm not keeping things from you. We just don't know what this month's achievement challenge will be yet. This is why we need your help. Feel free to check out all of our pages and find a good challenge for one, two, or all three of us. If you'd like a little guidance on what we like to see in a challenge, feel free to check out last month's call for submissions for ideas!

As an added bonus, we'll have a SPECIAL PRIZE*, for the submitter of this month's challenge!

* Prize may or may not actually be "special".
* Special is a subjective word.
* TA staff are ineligible for "special prize", but are encouraged to submit challenges anyway.
* TA staff who do not submit a challenge may be sent to the punishment room where they will be forced to create and admin a MySpace page for Alpha Protocol .