Opening the TA Podcast Mailbag

Jonathan Barnes - April 18th 2014

Have you felt a gaping hole in your life recently? Is there a bit of a void somewhere in your gamer soul that has been left without solace? Fear no more, because the TA Podcast is BACK with more audio goodness for your ears. The Podcast crew of TrueAchievement, Matrarch, and I will be sitting down this weekend to record what we're (unofficially) calling our "Marpril" Podcast. We spent the past several weeks making some small tweaks to the format and totally NOT binging on that sweet, sweet Tie-Tie-Faw.

On top of discussing our experiences with Respawn's hit shooter, we'll also be chatting about The Walking Dead: Season Two "Episode Two" (we will definitely warn about spoilers in advance), games and achievements new and old, a few of the biggest news stories of the past period, and revealing a new Achievement Challenge format that aims to get YOU more involved.

Finally, we'll be opening up the mailbag for questions and your chance to win a *fabulous* prize. Don't be shy, hit us up with your gaming questions, comments, fears, doubts, reservations, and needs for general advice. We'll be the Lucy to your Charlie Brown... no promises about yanking away the football, though.