The TA Podcast Mailbag is Open

Jonathan Barnes - May 15th 2014

This weekend, the podcast crew will be sitting down to record our May podcast. Please, contain your excitement. In addition to our usual shenanigans, we'll be joined by a SPECIAL guest this month and will be chatting about this week's HUGE Xbox One news, the Call of Duty announcement, and some of the other top stories around the site.

Furthermore, we're opening up the TA Podcast Mailbag to your questions. Just like last month you will have a chance to win a *fabulous prize* if your question is picked as our "Question of the Month". No questions are too big or too small! We are prepared to answer questions about games, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, pizza, fine beverages, furry pets, and the new batsuit. If your question is about the banking practices of Braavos, though, you can kindly see yourself out.

Feel free to post your questions in the comments below or drop me a PM!