TA Podcast: Happy Holidays Edition

Jonathan Barnes - December 22nd 2014

As we approach the end of Hanukkah, the eve of Christmas, and the start of Kwanzaa, the team at TrueAchievements would like to give all of you a gift. We know that the holidays are an especially stressful season for gamers. You really want to dig into that new game you got while enjoying the fresh socks and undies that your grandparents and in-laws gifted to you, but you're console is back at home, and you're stuck in the game-forsaken tundra of a relative's house.

Well, console-starved gamer, this podcast is for you.

This past weekend, Rich, Superstar Pinch Hitter Dave, and some faithless heathen jerk who appreciates holidays for family, friends, and drinking sat down to chat about site and app updates, what we've been playing for the past month, and all... most... some of the biggest news to slip onto the front page. We also jump into the TA Podcast Mailbag and answer a few questions.

As always, if you enjoy listening to our podcast while downing an eggnog shake (three big scoops of vanilla ice cream, one cup of eggnog, and two shots of (optional, but highly recommended) bourbon, blend and enjoy) or hunting down orcs, please subscribe in iTunes, give us a good rating, and leave a review saying how we are tracking Santa, have him locked into our top-secret jolly-seeking missile launcher, and will push the button unless our demands are met.

If you're still rocking the 8-track and haven't gone digital to MP3s, you can always listen to our podcasts here on the site or download them here.