TA Podcast: Less Rich (But Not Poor) Edition

Jonathan Barnes - February 6th 2015

The cold, icy grip of death winter is officially among us, friends. What better way to fight off its chilling embrace with a lukewarm red hot podcast!

This month, Rich was tragically (and at the last second) snowed in at his in-laws forcing us to pull in super-sub Dave who chats us up about his review of Gat out of Hell while Michelle regales us with tales of attempting to become an √úbermensch in Wolfenstein Achievements. We also come full circle and discuss everything surrounding the 2014 Game of the Year. Finally, slayer of dragons, knower of Jack, and all around jerk-face, Jonathan, (Yeah, I went third person, so what?) manages to keep the ship upright through sheer force of will and jerkiness.

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