Game Series Pages and Leaderboards

Rich Stone - July 17th 2015

Something we've been looking to bring you for a while is a way to see your scores and games across an entire series.

We've been working on this for the past couple of weeks and have just put the fruits of the labour up onto the site!

Series panels
On game pages and pre-release game pages that are part of a series (currently defined as having 3 or more games), you will see a new Series info panel:

This shows the number of games in the series, the total TrueAchievement score and GamerScore, and your percentage progress if you have at least one game in the series.

Clicking on this panel will take you through to the all-new Series hub for that series...

Series Hub
The series hub contains information about all the games in the series, all the relevant news, and leaderboards for the series. For example, the Forza Series Hub you'll see an expanded series header that includes all of your progress, then a breakdown of all the games in the series and your progress in those too.

Because we know how much you like your settings, we've added a panel on the right for you to modify the way you view this page:

From here you can choose just to show the Main games or include platform and regional variations. for example, in the Forza series there are Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Forza Horizon 2 - if you choose only the main games, we'll just show the variations ones you've played in your progress. You can also adjust the DLC view and compare your series scores with other gamers:

You can also share your progress by clicking on the Share icon in the series header (this shared link will also include any other gamers you're comparing to in that view).

Adding Series progress to your Homepage
You can add up three Series summary panels to your homepage - click the Add Series to Homepage button on the series page or game page:

The hompage panels look like this:

Click on the Edit icon to re-order the series in the panel or remove items from it.

As usual, you can change the position of this panel and the colour on the Customize Homepage page.

Series Leaderboards
Click on the Leaderboard tab to see the site leaderboard or any of your friend groups' progress for that series:

My Series
If you want to look at all the series we are tracking, there's a new Series list page (on the main menu). From here, you can search for series by name, compare with other gamers and also filter to just series you've played.

We've even added a My Series option that just shows the ones you've played to your Gamer dropdown menu.