3rd Forum Badge

Rich Stone - March 20th 2009

I've added another badge option for display in the forums - you now have 2 of your choosing plus the number of posts badge. You can set up what you want to display in the Customize->My Settings page.

I've also reduced the size of the badges by a couple of pixels, so now you can fit more on a single line under your gamer details (this one's for you OtisFamily!)

Members signing up since outr first birthday will receive an orange registration badge to signify that they signed up in our Gamma development phase.

I would like to welcome Elite Hero and Crimson Drifter as Forum Moderators - they are there to help you but also to keep a lid on any potential trolling or abuse.

I've also fixed a couple of bugs.

And I would like to thank everyone that sent us birthday wishes, it meant a great deal to know how much you guys love the site - you rule!