TA Podcast: Hawken, GTA Online Cunning Stunts, Red Dead Redemption and more

Dave Horobin - July 8th 2016

As mentioned by Rich on last week's show, the TA Podcast is now being recorded weekly! For you, the listener, it means that you get at least twice the number of shows per month, and for us it means that we can talk about more time sensitive news items and it also forces us to actually play some games.

On this week's show we talked about the new free to play title, HAWKEN, my thoughts on INSIDE, Jack's ongoing search for a decent Certified item in Rocket League, the announcement that all future Microsoft published games would be coming to Play Anywhere (and their subsequent backtrack, GTA V's new "Cunning Stunts" update, this year's Bean Dive, and next week's new releases.


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