May 2017's TA Playlist Game Announced; Subscribe to the TA Playlist Podcast

Mark Delaney - April 22nd 2017

Our inaugural month of TA Playlist is coming to a close, and with that comes a look ahead to next month's game we'll be playing together. Before we get to that, we also want to let you know that you can now subscribe to the TA Playlist podcast on iTunes! Currently the feed offers just the introduction we shared a few weeks ago, but you'll want to subscribe now so that when our premiere episode featuring Alan Wake arrives at the end of April you'll automatically have it appear in your podcast queue. Keep sending in feedback over at the Playlist hub as well. We've loved the chat so far and look forward to including some of the best bits on the show.

For those that are Apple-averse, you can catch the show right here on site when it's published monthly, and it'll also be featured on our TrueGaming Network YouTube channel. We hope you'll join us in wrapping up this first month when the podcast arrives on site next week.

As for next month, we still need to announce the game we'll be playing. It was closer this time than the previous month, but one game still held the lead for virtually the entire week of voting.

After 2305 votes, May 2017's TA Playlist game is...

It seems the recent freebie status thanks to Games with Gold helped propel the underplayed action game to first place and right into the future plans of everyone taking part in the community event. Below you'll find the full results of the poll so you can see where your preferred game landed in the standings.

If you diligently download your Games with Gold freebies each month, Darksiders should already be in your digital library. If you do need to acquire a copy from some other means, check out our price trackers for the lowest prices on new copies. For those wondering about different versions of the game, be they regional or console variants, our stat tracking in the hub will automatically account for whichever version you decide to play so Darksiders Warmastered Edition is definitely an option. This will be true of all future games with similar circumstances too.

Join us in May where we determine exactly what War is good for!