Halo: The Master Chief Collection Previews Intelligent Delivery

Rebecca Smith - June 7th 2018

Last month, Brian Jarrard and James Monosmith took to the stage during the third Inside Xbox episode to talk about the large upcoming update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Amongst the things they discussed was HDR support and 4K enhancements, and a new Intelligent Delivery system. In the latest MCC Development Update blog, the team showcases images and details for both of these impending features.

When the update arrives, it will bring with it a suite of visual improvements, including HDR and 4K support. Players who are taking part in the MCC Insider Program will already have been able to test out the new settings. For those who haven't, you can see the screenshot below that shows the video settings configuration screen. 343 wishes you to note that the description for the Paper White section is placeholder text.

Possibly of more interest to all players is the new Intelligent Delivery system. Here, players can choose to install the parts of the game they wish to play, as well as installing languages other than the one to which their console is set. When the game disc is first inserted into the console and the necessary content is installed for the game to begin, players will see a screen where all of the game's content is selected for install. Players will then have to opt out of the sections they don't want to install.

The first pair of screenshots show the default configuration for installation and an example of selective installation.

The next pair of screenshots show the default and player-customizable language options.

One thing that is neccessitated by the Intelligent Delivery system is a move away from multi-game matchmaking playlists. Instead, the game will have pre-game playlists. If a player tries to join a list and they don't have the content installed, they will get a message telling them they don't have the required content. If joining a party, all players will be able to see the content that others have installed so they can make the best decision about which playlist to join.

At the moment, there is no release window for the update, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we get one.

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