New features, new staff and milestones

Rich Stone - April 15th 2009

Over the last couple of days we've broken some pretty major milestones:

1 billion TA points across our user base
50,000 forum posts

and almost...

25,000 registered users!

To mark these milestones, you now have some very cool new functionality for your ToDo list and Trophy Case - both of these handy lists now feature drag and drog re-ordering, and all the pages where you could add achievements to either of them are now fully ajaxd up - that means no postbacks! So add and remove to your heart's content without having to scroll around [smile]

I would also like to welcome some new moderators:

Please be nice to them, they are here to make your TA experience more enjoyable!

Thank you all!


P.S. You can also now delete private messages when reading them, and your referral badge is now linked [smile]