Achievement information, bug fixes and cards

Rich Stone - April 20th 2009

Thanks to some hard work by our fantastic staff member, we are now able to show you more information about every achievement can be obtained.

There are now a set of icons against the achievements that tell you whether they can be obtained online, offline, in single player, multi-player or co-op, and whether the achievement is no longer obtainable.

There's been a load of extra gamercards sent in over the last month or so, I've now uploaded all of them after some thorough testing.

We now have some Chat Guidelines - please follow them to help make the chat a fun and enjoyable place for everyone! They are available from your Forums menu, or linked from within the chat room itself.

I've finally fixed the problems with the ToDo list ordering, you shouldn't have any trouble with it re-ordering itself any more.

Our ad testing is continuing with another company - this one is solely gaming related, so you should find more ads that are relevant to you. And remember, if you don't like the ads, you can donate to the site and they will magically disappear!