Xbox Executive Mike Ybarra Under Fire for Anthem Tweets

Rebecca Smith - 21st February 2019

Controversy has a habit of following Microsoft around, and Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra is the one currently attracting the heat after he criticised reviewers who were complaining about some of Anthem's foibles.

The executive, who clearly adores the game if his twitter feed is anything to go by, specifically singled out a review where the writer struggled to perform combos, before confusing everybody and linking to an article that had absolutely nothing to do with his point. The problem is that while combos are an important part of gameplay, the game fails to explain the feature adequately, leaving players to figure it out themselves. It's a concern that many players, and not just reviewers, have expressed. He then later linked to a beginner's guide for the game, and one of the guide's most important points was how to perform a combo.

Having already caused some upset with his remarks, he then further compounded the issue by encouraging players to rely on streamers and friends' opinions instead of official reviews. Seven hours later, there was an attempt to dampen the fire in a statement full of contradiction:

Some critics of Ybarra's tweet have pointed to the fact that Microsoft has signed an exclusive marketing deal with EA to promote the game, therefore they don't want to be seen as having another disappointment on their hands. As Microsoft should perhaps know by now, there are better ways of going about promoting your key titles.

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