Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Update Adds Console Restart to Power Menu

Rebecca Smith - 21st February 2019

The Xbox Insiders programme continues to allow players to volunteer to test out new and improved Xbox One features before they're released to the general population. This week's Alpha and Alpha- Skip Ahead Insider ring update adds three new features to the console, as well as a few bug fixes.

  • Console Restart will be added to the Power Menu, making it easier for players to power cycle their console if it needs it.
  • Microsoft is enabling players to reprogram the buttons on their Media Remote so they can launch a specific app when they press the OneGuide button. This can be changed through Settings > Kinect & devices > Media remote.
  • Mini Keyboard is a new feature that floats over the UI and position itself around text boxes. If players prefer the larger keyboard, that can still be accessed through Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier > Larger Keyboard.

For a full list of bug fixes and known issues in the update, take a look at Microsoft's news post.

One of the current issues is blurred text or images, or even occasions where the text has been replaced with a white box. This mostly happens in the Profile, Home, and the Avatar Editor areas of the console, and Xbox engineers believe it's being caused by "moving between 4K content and the dashboard on an Xbox One X". If you're one of the people encountering this problem, Microsoft would love to hear from you through Report a Problem with the following information:

  • A screenshot of what you’ve encountered
  • Whether restarting your console resolved the problem
  • If this behavior began shortly after launching or closing out of a game or app
  • If this behavior is occurring on more than one console in your home, and if so, which versions of the Xbox One console you’re seeing this behavior on

The Alpha and Alpha - Skip Ahead Insider update is available now.