Exploration Game Sable Delayed Until 2020

Rebecca Smith - May 28th 2019

Sable was one of the more intriguing games to come out of Microsoft's E3 2018 stage presentation. We were introduced to Sable, a young nomad who leaves the family settlement to explore the open world desert, ancient ruins, monuments, and derelict space vehicles that make up the world around her. Unfortunately it seems like players will have to wait a bit longer to take part in Sable's journey. Originally pencilled in to be released on Xbox One this year, developer Shedworks has revealed they'll be delaying the game so that it releases next year instead.

The team has been working on the game full time since October 2017. They began with just two team members, and despite rapidly expanding the studio to bring more people on board, that development is still taking longer than they thought, so they've decided to "take more time with the game and aim for release in 2020". To distract players from the bad news, the team is showing off the game's new logo and artwork, which can be seen above.

The team is making sure they get things right and will show off more of the game in the future.

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