Warframe Teases Space Combat Expansion With Nekros Prime Giveaway at Full Reveal

Lucy Wood - June 11th 2019

It looks like tuning into TennoLive will be worthwhile this year, whether you're dying to get hold of Nekros Prime or want to find out more about the upcoming "Empyrean" expansion for Warframe. The "Empyrean" expansion was previously known as "Codename: Railjack", and will bring co-operative tactical ship-to-ship combat to Warframe.

Developer Digital Extremes is promising a free Nekros Prime to people tuning in to the full reveal in the final hour of the annual TennoCon event in July. Here's how to claim the Nekros Prime giveaway:
  • Link your Warframe and Twitch accounts here
  • Watch the Tennolive stream (6pm until 7pm EST on July 6th) on the official Warframe Twitch channel
  • Watch the Tennolive stream for at least 30 consecutive minutes

The full reveal for the Warframe "Empyrean" expansion takes place on July 6th at 6pm EST

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