Get Triple Realm Royale Next Frontier Battle Pass XP Now

Rebecca Smith - June 17th 2019

The Eternal Conflict update, otherwise known as OB20, will soon be arriving in Realm Royale, bringing the end of the Next Frontier Battle Pass. If you're one of the players who hasn't yet unlocked those last few levels and there are still rewards you want to earn, you'll want to make use of the current triple Battle Pass XP event that's ongoing and will last until the upcoming patch is released.

The full breakdown of XP rewards is below. All of these rewards will be tripled throughout the duration of the event.

Match Experience

Survival Time

  • Players receive 20 XP for every minute they stay alive during the match

Placement Bonus

Players receive an experience bonus for placing top 3

  • 200 XP for 1st place
  • 150 XP for 2nd place
  • 100 XP for 3rd place

Elimination Bonus

Players receive an experience bonus for their first elimination, and experience for each elimination thereafter

  • 100 XP for first elimination
  • 20 XP for each subsequent elimination

There is no word yet on when OB20: The Eternal Conflict will be released, but if the patch follows the usual four week release cycle, it should be released this Wednesday, June 19th. This means you only have a couple of days of triple Battle Pass XP left, so make use of this limited time. You can find a full list of patch notes here to see what new content and gameplay improvements will be arriving in OB20.

Once update OB20 has arrived, the game will then switch to a six week update cycle rather than a four week cycle, although there may be smaller patches and hotfixes in between. This will allow Hi-Rez to add more content with each patch in addition to those bug fixes. Battle Passes will continue to be released every 12 weeks. You can see some of the updates planned for those future patches in the game's roadmap.

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