New Achievements Arrive with Dead By Daylight's Ghost Face DLC

Rebecca Smith - June 19th 2019

Dead by Daylight's latest killer has been added to the game's roster. An instantly recognisable mass murderer, Ghost Face usually hides in the shadows, stalking his victims for weeks so that he has a detailed grasp of their movements and habits. Now he steps into the spotlight with a new power, new perks, and new achievements.

The killer adds two new achievements worth a total of 40 Gamerscore, neither of which are secret:

Totally Vulnerable in Dead by Daylight
Adept Ghost Face in Dead by Daylight
His new power, Night Shroud, makes his terror radius invisible, leaving him able to stalk Survivors. If he stalks a Survivor for long enough, they'll become exposed. However, if he's detected or attacked, his power gauge is depleted and Night Shroud will end. Throughout his power, he can also lean around corners for easier stalking, and crouch through the active ability button. Crouching while his power is active will remove his red stain.

The Killer has three new perks. "I'm All Ears" sharpens his senses, and any survivor who performs a rush action while outside of his terror radius will be highlighted with an aura for a short amount of time. "Thrilling Tremors" summons The Entity. Once Ghost Face has picked up a Survivor, The Entity will block Survivor access to all Generators that weren't being repaired for a short time — these will be highlighted in white. Finally, "Furtive Chase" is linked to his Obsession. While it stays hooked, he receives a token that decreases his Terror Radius during a chase. However, if a Survivor takes the Obsession off the hook, the rescuer assumes that role, and all tokens are lost if the Obsession is killed or sacrificed.

Dead by Daylight: Ghost Face®

Ghost Face® is joining Dead by Daylight. Lurking in the shroud of night, he is a natural stalker who observes his victims before striking.

The Ghost Face DLC includes two exclusive items for The Ghost Face: the body Monochrome Maniac and weapon Silvery Steel Tactical Knife. These items are only available as part of the DLC.

The new Killer arrived at the same time as a game patch, which also added a new achievement worth 40 Gamerscore. It isn't a secret achievement:

Silent Approach in Dead by Daylight
The patch adds several new features, including the ability to rotate characters in the pre-match lobby, a new menu, and lobby music. You can see a full list of changes in the patch notes. While the new Killer was in the PTB on PC, developer Behaviour Interactive decided to make some changes to his movements and abilities. These didn't make it into the latest patch but will be added in a hotfix "in the near future". You can find a list of those changes here.

Ghost Face and his accompanying update are available now.

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