Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Progress Issues Coming with Patch 1.02

Rebecca Smith - June 20th 2019

When Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night released on Tuesday, it did so without the promised patch that adds Boss Rush Mode and Speed Run Mode. That patch isn't due to hit Xbox One until next week, but when it does, it will bring along a serious progression issue that will force players to start a new game if they haven't managed to reach the end of the campaign when it's released.

The problem is that the upcoming patch 1.02 will change the state of some chests, making them appear to be open or closed when the opposite should be true. This will prevent players from getting some of the items they need to progress through the game, leading to impassable barriers. The only way to get around this issue is to start a new save file, losing all progress made so far. Despite the developer looking into other fixes, they've realised that this is, unfortunately, the best solution for the issue.

Players who have already started the game have three choices. The first is to rush through your current playthrough so that you've finished the campaign before the patch is released. The second is to refuse next week's update and continue playing offline until your campaign playthrough is finished. The third, less ideal option, is to stop playing for now and wait for the patch next week, before starting a new playthrough.

We currently have no release date for the patch aside from "next week", so if you're planning on taking the first option, make sure to get your playthrough finished as soon as possible.

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