Viktor’s Experimental Update Hits Slime Rancher, Secret Style Pack is Delayed

Rebecca Smith - June 24th 2019

Most developers try to avoid adding bugs and glitches to their game. Not so Monomi Park. The developer has now released Viktor’s Experimental Update for Slime Rancher, where players need to help Viktor Humphries as he tests his new simulated reality. He's using Far, Far Range to research slime behaviour and evolution, but the problem is glitch slimes have been found in Viktor's Slimeulations. You're needed to find them, capture them, and research them before they cause mayhem.

To start the task, you'll need to have unlocked the Ruins and the Treasure Cracker MKII, purchased the Lab Ranch expansion, and completed a Range Exchange request for Viktor. After that, he'll invite you to his Workshop where you can login to the Slimeulation. Using his debug spray, you'll need to find and vacuum up the glitch slimes before they corrupt the simulation. Once the corruption starts, make sure to reach the exit portal before things get too dangerous.

Once you leave the simulation, any captured glitch slimes will be turned into bug reports that you can exchange for rewards and manifold cubes, which can be used to create new gadgets. There are plenty of new gadgets included in the update, including advanced drones that can handle two programs, portable water taps, slime bait, a portable scareslime, dash pads, and a chicken cloner that may create a clone of a chicken... or not.

There are plenty of other bug fixes and improvements included with the patch and you can find a full list of these in the patch notes. Viktor’s Experimental Update is available now, but unfortunately the DLC that was supposed to arrive with it, the Secret Style Pack, has been delayed. The pack sends players on a treasure hunt in Far, Far Range as they look for pods that contain unique slime styles. Once discovered, the styles can be used to customise that type of slime whenever you wish. The styles that are included in this DLC are:

  • Sparkly (Pink Slime)
  • Monochrome (Quantum Slime)
  • Heavy Metal (Rock Slime)
  • Shattered (Mosaic Slime)
  • Tiger (Tabby Slime)
  • Nebula (Dervish Slime)
  • Angelic (Phosphor Slime)
  • Nightshade (Tangle Slime)
  • Radiant (Rad Slime)
  • Devilish (Fire Slime)
  • Arcane (Boom Slime)
  • Pre-Jellasic (Saber Slime)
  • Royal Jelly (Honey Slime)
  • Boomerang (Quicksilver Slime)
  • Lilypad (Puddle Slime)
  • Retro (Glitch Slime)
  • Ruby Red (Crystal Slime)
  • Gilded (Gold Slime)
  • Cheshire (Hunter Slime)
  • Guardian (Lucky Slime)

The release of the Secret Style Pack hit a roadblock on Xbox and Monomi now predicts it will be available in "a few more days". If you want to customise your slimes, make sure to keep an eye on the Microsoft Store this week.

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