Olorun Becomes SMITE's Ruler of the Heavens Today

Rebecca Smith - June 25th 2019

The Ruler of the Heavens update is arriving in SMITE today, and with it comes the latest God to join the game. A symbol of divinity and creation, Olorun is a supreme God who won the Battle for Olympus. The God takes up the role of a Mage, complete with ranged attacks that deal magical damage. You can see his passive, abilities, and ultimate in action in the trailer below, as well as some combat tips:

The Ruler of the Heavens update also introduces nine new God skins. Tiger's Fury Achilles and Death Lotus Da Ji arrive today with Battle for Olympus #5, while Olorun gets mastery skins. On June 28th, Plushie Jormunghandr arrives in the Plushie Friends Chest. In the first week of July, Biohacker Kali and Biohacker Chernobog arrive in the Biohacker Chest. A week later, Clockwork Chaos Discordia and Mothman Ah Muzen Cab are included as part of Battle for Olympus #6. Finally, during the third week of July, Vigilante Susano can be found in the Vigilante Chest.

There are plenty of bug fixes and nerfs for the existing gods, as well as items and the game's user interface. You can find a full list of those changes in the patch notes. The Ruler of the Heavens update is available now, although any achievements are yet to be scanned in. As soon as we get these, we'll be sure to let you know.

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