Black Desert Release Events Welcome Shai's Arrival

Rebecca Smith - June 27th 2019

Black Desert's first ever support class, Shai, has now arrived. As well as their Florang boomerang and healing Vitclari, they're joined by their trusted donkey companions who are ready to transport the Shai across the kingdom. To welcome these new arrivals into the game, PearlAbyss is running three different in-game events for players to enjoy.

The first event is The Ambition of Shai. Players can choose one of three quests from the Black Spirit. Those who choose to improve their strength then need to find the 'Tachros' NPC in Velia and complete their request to get a Kydict's Crystal - Adventure reward. Those who choose to be the Guru of Life instead need to find the 'Valentine' NPC in Florin. Completing their request rewards players with the Splat Fisher's Clothes Set. Finally, choosing to be a great adventurer means you'll need to find the 'Rulupee' NPC in Golden Toad Inn. This request will earn players the Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set. Regardless of which quest you'll pick, successfully completing it will also reward you with ten of Finto's Fresh Juice, ten of Finto's Filling Juice, and ten of Finto's Sweet Juice. This event can only be completed once before July 10th.

The second event is Traits of a Trickster. Shai's tricks have made a mark on the village and now they need your help. Find the ‘Valentine’ NPC in Florin to get the "[Event] They took the Herb Bundles!" quest. You'll then need to find the Ineffective Herb Sack as you chop wood, mine, or collect wood, resin or blood. Once found, return it to Valentine to get ten of the Village Certificate of Contribution(100). Each of these rewards players with 100 contribution points. However, you can choose to sell the sack for 10,000 silver to a vendor instead. This event can be completed once daily until July 10th.

The final event is I Was Only Borrowing It. Shai has been "borrowing" items from other villagers and you need to find them. Each day until July 10th, players will receive keys in the Challenge > Reward menu to enable them to open Shai's treasure chests, but you'll need to find where the chest has randomly spawned. The chest offers the following rewards:

  • [Event] Santa Hat
  • [Event] Pirate Bandana
  • [Event] Pirate Eye Patch
  • [Event] Rudolf Headband
  • [Event] Scarecrow Mask
  • [Event] Sweet Cone Hat
  • [Event] Devil Horn Headband
  • [Event] Wolf Nose
  • [Event] Jack-O’-Lantern Mask
  • Gold bar 100G x 1~5
  • [Event] Black Magic Crystal Box
  • Golden Backpack
  • Golden Coelacanth
  • Golden Dagger
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x2~4
  • Whale Tendon Potion x3~5
  • Superior Whale Tendon Potion
  • [Event] Perfume of Courage x2
  • Triple-Float Fishing Rod
  • Laila's Petal x2~4
  • Cron Stone x2~4
  • Memory Fragment 2~4
  • [Event] Elion's Tear

Shai's three donkey companions are known as Derome, Cherose, and Vallet. The three can each earn special skills, but these can only be used by the Shai class. Players can also customise their donkeys in different outfits. You can find more details about the donkeys, as well as all of the other additions and changes, in the game's full patch notes.

Shai, the donkeys, and the three events are all available in-game now.

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