TrueGaming Network Mixer Streams Return This Tuesday!

Sam Quirke - August 12th 2019

The TrueGaming Network Mixer channel will kick back into life this week, now that the brand new content team are all set up in our Bournemouth office with our fancy chairs and our fancy internet connection. We're celebrating the first day back in action with a stream and a big code giveaway from 4pm UK time.

We'll pick up where Jack and Ollie left off with two weekly streams showing off some of the latest ID@Xbox games — and how easy it is to rack up some achievements in them. We're looking forward to growing our Mixer community further in the future and maybe shaking up the schedule a bit. We'd love some feedback and suggestions for where else we might take our streams beyond those sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful new ID games that drop into our inbox every week.

To start us off though, this Tuesday we will introduce Heidi and Sean into the world of Mixer and ID@Xbox by letting them pick the games they want to stream from the existing ID library. They will do so the old fashioned way – with barely any context and mostly judging the game by its cover art. If you have ideas for ID@Xbox games of the past that these two should give a go, let us know in the comments!

What's in it for you, I hear you cry? Codes, of course! For the two hours that we are streaming, we will be giving away an ID@Xbox code every 15 minutes to a lucky viewer. For those who aren't already regulars to the channel, we have a giant pile of assorted ID codes amassed from our years of streaming, and we're in the habit of throwing those codes to followers who win our code raffles. It's a simple way to earn yourself a free game!

The stream this Tuesday will start at 4pm UK time — that's 5pm CEST, 11am ET and 8am PT. Head over to our Mixer channel to watch the content team's inaugural Mixer adventure. Be kind to us, we are new to all of this. And give the channel a follow while you're there to let us know you care!

A note to our wonderful Mixer community of the past few years and in particular, those of you who have kindly subscribed to our channel — we haven't forgotten you and we appreciate you! Expect to see more of us in the subscriber Discord and more benefits coming your way in the future.

Let's see if we can give Ninja a run for his money, eh?