Space Engineers Achievements Now Have Nice Round Numbers – But They're Still a Bit Off

Sam Quirke - November 22nd 2019

Back in September, the community was initially pleased to see that the Space Engineers achievement list had been revealed – given that the game first appeared on our radars five years ago in an ID@Xbox round-up, it was exciting to start ancipating the space management sim's launch. However the picture quickly went sour with our user base who particularly like to keep their gamerscore rounded out – the list was full of unlocks for an unattractive 37 gamerscore. Happily, Keen Software House have quietly recitfied the issue, sorting the achievement into tidier rounded parcels while also announcing the game's first Xbox One live stream – where we anticipate that we will find out that long-awaited release date.

Here's the updated Space Engineers achievement list, with all of those 37s replaced with more palatable 35s, 40s, 60s and 70s. Alright, it's still not as rounded as it could be, but it'll do.

Name Description Gamerscore
Crayon Box (Locked) Build and fly ship with more than 20 colors. 37 20
I've Got Present For You (Locked) Detonate a warhead that kills you and another player. 37 40
Lock And Load (Locked) Kill an enemy with a rifle. 37 20
Number 5 Is Alive (Locked) Connect your suit to power with less than 1% power remaining in Survival. 37 20
Explorer (Locked) Visit all planets and moons in Survival mode. 37 40
Going Green (Locked) Build 25 Solar Panels while playing in Survival Mode. 37 20
Lost In Space (Locked) Spend more than 1 hour out of sight of other players on a MP server. 37 20
Master Engineer (Locked) 150+ hours. 37 60
The Bigger They Are (Locked) Build more than 1,000,000 Kg of cubes. 37 60
The Harder They Fall (Locked) Destroy more than 1,000,000 Kg of cubes. 37 60
The Story Begins (Locked) Finish the first campaign. 37 20
Declare War (Locked) Declare war with different faction. 37 35
Monolith (Locked) Get within 5 meter radius of the monolith in Survival. 37 40
Personality Crisis (Locked) Change astronaut style (color or skin) 20 times in 10 minutes. 37 20
Smile And Wave (Locked) Wave to an enemy that is also waving back within 5 meters looking at you in Survival. 37 40
Win-Win (Locked) Make peace with a faction. 37 35
Death Wish (Locked) Armageddon Mode for 5 hours in Survival. 37 40
Giant Leap For Humankind (Locked) Walk 1969 meters on a Moon. 37 20
Promoted Engineer (Locked) Complete the final objective of Learning to Survive scenario. 37 40
Engineering Degree (Locked) Finish all tasks of Learning to Survive scenario. 37 40
Planetesphobia (Locked) Disable the pirate facility without entering the atmosphere in Learning to Survive scenario 37 40
It Takes But One (Locked) Complete all objectives without dying in Learning to Survive scenario. 37 40
I See Dead Drones (Locked) Survive 10 waves of drones in Never Surrender scenario. 37 20
Bring It On (Locked) Survive 30 waves of drones in Never Surrender scenario. 37 20
I'm Doing My Part (Locked) Survive 100 waves of drones in Never Surrender scenario. 37 40
Scrap Delivery (Locked) Destroy 1000 pirate drones in Never Surrender scenario. 37 60
Joint Operation (Locked) Survive 10 waves with at least 1 other player in Never Surrender scenario. 38 40
Millionaire Club (Locked) Get 1,000,000 Space Credits and join the club of the wealthiest people in the galaxy. 40
The friend of the factions (Locked) Befriend 3 factions; earning trust always pays well in the future. 40
The achievement list is still a little screwy – it appears that the developers were intending to have the achievement descriptions change dependent on whether the achievement was locked or unlocked, perhaps to hide the requirements. However according to our scanned the achievement descriptions are identical whether locked or unlocked, except for the phrase (Locked) in front of each one. We also had a couple of the achievements scan in a little wonky, as though a couple were going to be a title update rather than part of the base game. We suspect all of these problems are down to the fact that, for whatever reason, a rare few achievement lists enter the Xbox systems very early – possibly before they're properly tested and verified. The game info team's best guess is that a tester may have started unlocking live achievements before some internal sign-off or embargo, resulting in a list turning up far too early and unfinished. Fingers crossed the remaining weirdness will be sorted by the time the game actually releases.

We'll find out a lot more about Space Engineers soon, including hopefully its release date, during the game's first live stream on Xbox One. The developers hinted that the release date would be included in the show in the comments of their tweet about the stream:

As we wait for more news, and maybe some further tweaks to the list, we can at least take solace in the fact that there's no more 37s.

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