You'll Soon be able to Opt Out of Cross-Play in Sea of Thieves' Adventure Mode

Heidi Nicholas - 8th January 2020

The latest Sea of Thieves developer update says that the option to opt out of cross-play, which has already been in Arena mode for a little while, will soon also be available in Adventure mode. The new cross-play preference options will be coming as part of the game's January update, "Legends of the Sea", which arrives next week, on Wednesday the 15th of January. Players who are, for instance, playing on a console with a controller, will from then on be able to choose whether they only play with other console and controller players, as opposed to mouse and keyboard players.

This is a long-awaited feature first discussed back at the beginning of last year. It was tested with members of the Sea of Thieves insider program over the holidays, and by next week will have finally made its way into the game. The feature seems to have grown from player feedback, with the argument that mouse and keyboard players have more agility and flexibility when aiming than console players. As with the cross-play options in Arena mode, players will be able to toggle their preference in the settings between sticking with everyone in cross-play, or just other console gamers.

This update to cross-play preferences comes as part of the Legends of the Sea content update. Executive Producer Joe Neate says that Legends of the Sea will also introduce new ways of engaging with player immortalisations; the easter eggs hidden within the game which celebrate the players and their exploits throughout the seas. The easter eggs, Neate says, would be familiar to players who are up to date with the game's lore and the antics of other players, but that they want to make this a more "formal" aspect of the game. To do this, they're introducing a new NPC: Umbra, who features in the art book. Umbra will send players out to find and record these immortalisations, in return for which they'll get new commendations and tattoos for their character. Neate says that the Sea of Thieves team really love the community engagement with players and their exploits, and want to make it official in the game, wrapping gameplay around the easter eggs and incorporating themes of exploration and discovery. Meanwhile, in other Sea of Thieves news, it seems that Sea of Thieves has recently reached a landmark, and has now been played by over 10 million players:

Legends of the Sea arrives next week, on 15th January, when players will be able to change their cross-play preferences. Neate says there'll be more info on the Legends of the Sea content before that date, when the content update trailer is released. We'll keep you posted.

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