Xbox gamers have spent more than $1.4 billion on ID@Xbox titles

Sean Carey - May 29th 2020

The ID@Xbox program has made more than $1.4 billion in digital revenue since the indie development scheme first launched back in 2013. Speaking at the Investment Summit, global strategic partnership management lead of the ID@Xbox program Agostino Simonetta gave a presentation on the program.

"ID has been a great commercial success," says Simonetta. "Over $1.4 billion has been spent by Xbox gamers on games coming from the program. We always say when we show that big number that we can't commit to everyone launching a title becoming a millionaire, but actually what we commit to is to always do the right thing for ourselves and our partners to build an ecosystem that's sustainable and enables success."

Simonetta goes on to reveal several interesting stats about ID@Xbox. Over 3,400 independent studios are currently making games in 67 different countries; for example. According to these developers, over 1,800 games are in active development. So far, over 1,300 titles have been released through the scheme with over 125 of those launching into Xbox Game Pass.

The scheme allows qualified game developers of any size to self-publish their games on the Xbox platform. Developers also get access to development kits at no cost, and updating a game published through ID@Xbox can be done for free.

Several ID@Xbox games were announced for the Xbox Series X during the latest Xbox 20/20 live stream. The Medium, Scorn, Call of the Sea, Bright Memory: Infinite and The Ascent are all games being published through the program.