Achievement Help Request

Rich Stone - May 7th 2009

A feature that many people have been wanting for a while now is the ability to register the fact you require help getting a certain achievement.

It may be that there are no solutions currently available, or one that is there isn't helping you.

So now you can click the help button under an achievement image to register your need - you can put an optional message and also flag the achievement so that as soon as there is a solution you will be PM'd. If the solution helps you, you can click a link to register that fact, and then we'll have eventually end up with some leaderboards for the most helpful solution writers - nice!

I've also updated everyone's homepages so that you can see when they were last on the TA site alongside their Xbox status.

And I've also added the TA Ratio to all achievement panels - I'm not 100% sure I like the current look of it, but it's a tricky one to make look nice. It certainly shows you quite clearly how the TA score is calculated.

Thanks all!