FIFA 21: How to set spending and playtime limits

Kes Eylers-Stephenson - July 25th 2021

For FIFA 21, EA put in place a set of robust, accessible, and customisable Playtime options that allow you to regulate either your own sessions and usage, or those of another player. Here's how they work.

What is FIFA Playtime?

FIFA Playtime options will allow you to help you control sessions of FIFA in four key ways. First, your Time Spent playing the game is calculated across the online and offline play, allowing you to set a limit across a week of playtime. Secondly, you can manage Matches Played. This can be done across major game modes like Career, Kick-Off, and FUT. You can compare your current amount of games to your average weekly games played and set a weekly restriction accordingly. FUT Packs can also be limited by the amount opened in a week. Finally, you can set a limit on the FIFA points purchased within a week.

How do I activate these settings?

The Customise tab in the main menu holds a tile called Online Settings, which can be seen in the first screengrab above. Here you can opt into FIFA Playtime by accepting three privacy settings visible in the second screenshot: share playtime usage data, share usage data, and accept in-game surveys.

Where and how can I modify FIFA Playtime?

Now you can set limits for your playtime limits (first screenshot) in three different areas of the game. The first is the Playtime tile from the FIFA Online settings which has a limited selection of limits, visible in the second slide. The second place is the FIFA Ultimate Team 'More' menu from the third screenshot, and the third place is the VOLTA 'More' menu. It is worth noting that similar features are accessible on the web app on computers and on the companion app for your mobile.

You can now activate limits across those four key areas of the game: Time Spent, Matches Played, FUT Packs, and FIFA Points. This will help you manage both playtime and expenditure in packs. If you are playing after the Festival of FUTball event, there is a high chance that you can now preview packs of FUT cards before purchasing them outright. This will allow you to value the pack before spending in-game or real-world currency.

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