What is Designed for Xbox?

Tom West - August 29th 2021

If you've been eyeing up a new accessory for your Xbox console and have wondered what exactly the Designed for Xbox sticker means, then we've got you covered with this handy guide. The program is built to ensure that items with the sticker sufficiently reflect the quality assurance designated by Xbox engineers. We'll delve into it more below.

What does the sticker mean?

In a nutshell, Designed for Xbox is a program that third-party Xbox accessory companies can apply for and join that allows Xbox engineers to oversee the production of a particular accessory. The accessory that's being developed — be it headphones, displays, controller, or more — is then tested by Xbox engineers for quality purposes that check the product's performance, safety, and security. It also means that the item is built for continuous compatibility across both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One console generations.

What devices are compatible with Designed for Xbox accessories?

There are accessories in the Designed for Xbox program that are built for each of your Xbox supported devices, whether that be Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, tablet, or mobile. The sticker doesn't necessarily dictate the price of the accessory either, meaning there are products available to cater for all budgets.

Brands and products

We've compiled a list of the companies with Designed for Xbox products and what accessories they have on the market.
Brand Product Type
8BitDo Mobile, Remotes
Acer Displays
AirTurn Assistive Tech
American Girl Toys
Asus Displays
Astro Headsets
Audeze Headsets
Axiim Audio
Backbone Mobile
Bang & Olufsen Headsets
Cable Matters HDMI
Controller Gear Charging, Protection
Corsair Headsets
Fanatec Racing Wheels
Forza Designs Mounting
Geek Made Designs Mounting
GTR Simulator Racing Wheels
Honeycomb Aeronautical Flight Sticks
Hyperkin Controllers
HyperX Charging, Controllers
Hori Charging, Controllers, Headsets, Fighting Pads, Flight Sticks, Racing Wheels
Linksys Networking
Logitec Assistive Tech
LucidSound Headsets
Nacon Controllers
OtterBox Charging, Mobile
PDP Gaming Charging, Controllers, Headsets, Remotes
Philips Displays
PowerA Charging, Controllers, Mobile
Rack Solutions Mounting
Razer Arcade Sticks, Controllers, Headsets, Mouse & Keyboard
Scuf Gaming Controllers
Seagate HDDs, SDDs
SteelSeries Headsets
Turtle Beach Controllers, Flight Sticks, Headsets
Thrustmaster Controllers, Headsets, Flight Sticks, Racing Wheels
Western Digital HDDs, SDDs
Victrix Controllers, Headsets