We now have guides for all Twelve Minutes achievements

Luke Albigés - August 20th 2021

Struggling with some of the obtuse achievement descriptions in Xbox Game Pass newcomer Twelve Minutes? If you can't work out what you're supposed to do, never fear — the TA community has come to your rescue!

All 12 achievements now have individual guides contributed by helpful TA users, and while we don't have a full walkthrough just yet, these should be enough to get you through the relatively short list to bag the completion. You can find them all just by clicking through to the relevant achievements on the main Twelve Minutes achievements page, but with such a short list, we may as well drop them all here too.

Continue in Twelve Minutes
Mindfulness in Twelve Minutes
Alone in Twelve Minutes
Confessed in Twelve Minutes
Coward in Twelve Minutes
Groundhog in Twelve Minutes
Faun in Twelve Minutes
Seasons in Twelve Minutes
Ouroboros in Twelve Minutes
Fluidity in Twelve Minutes
Listen in Twelve Minutes
Gardener in Twelve Minutes

Thanks to everyone who has posted solutions so far, and who continues to add clarifications and comments that make it even easier for others to pop these achievements. Don't forget to give these guys a thumbs-up if they help you bag these achievements!

Track My Progress in Twelve Minutes