Forza Horizon 5: Best cars and tunes for winter Festival Playlist (Series 12)

Sean Carey - November 26th 2021

A new Festival Playlist is live in Forza Horizon 5 and Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels, and we've raced across Mexico to bring you the latest Festival Playlist challenges, tips, and tricks for the winter season in Series 12.

We've played through this season's Trial, Seasonal Championships, and PR Stunts to give you our recommended car selections and tunes for each event. We've also detailed the winter season's complete list of challenges, including vehicle restrictions, to make things easier to parse.

By completing every event this month's Festival Playlist has to offer, you'll unlock the Min, Meet Max achievement.

Min, Meet Max in Forza Horizon 5

Series 12: Horizon Road Trip

Forza Horizon 5's 12th Series gives us a fresh batch of cars to unlock. In Series 12: Horizon Road Trip, nabbing 80 points across the Series will net you the exclusive Audi RS e-tron. If you collect 160 points, you'll bag the hard-to-find McLaren 765LT.

Winter: Dry Season

This week's Festival Playlist season is winter, and as always, two cars are up for grabs. For accumulating 20 points, you'll unlock the exclusive Lynk & Co 03+, and for 40 points, the hard-to-find Donkervoort GT0.

Forzathon Events

Forzathon Weekly Challenge — Total Eclipse (5 Season Points and 80 Forzathon Points)

Chapter Chapter requirements
Chapter 1: Tuna, No crust Own and drive a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Chapter 2: Buster Earn three Lucky Escape Skill combos in the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Chapter 3: Winning's winning Win a Drag Race in the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
Chapter 4: Warning!!! Danger To Manifold Earn a total of 100,000 Skill Score in the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

Forzathon Daily Challenges

Challenge Challenge requirements Season Points Forzathon Points
Making a Scene – active: 29/09/2022 Visit the Street Scene Festival Outpost 1pts 10 FP
Bandit – active: 30/09/22 Win a Street Race in a 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455 1pts 10 FP
Overnight Parts – active: 01/10/22 Spend 75,000 credits on upgrades 1pts 10 FP
A Quarter Mile at a Time – active: 02/10/22 Win a Drag Race 1pts 10 FP
Undergrounder – active: 03/10/22 Win the Tunnel Run Street Race in any ‘S1’ Class car 1pts 10 FP
Festival of Speed – active: 04/10/22 Complete Round three of a Speed themed Horizon Arcade 1pts 10FP
Takedown – active: 05/10/22 Win a head-to-head 1pts 10 FP

Season Events

Event Event requirements Vehicle restrictions Season Points Reward
The Trial: Street Safari Win two out of three races as a team against Unbeatable Drivatars Vans and Utility, Class: C600 10pts Mosler MT900S
Seasonal Playground Games: Survival Complete the series of Seasonal Playground Games events Super Saloons, Class: A800 3pts M-B Unimog
Danger Sign: Colina Jump 518m or more Anything Goes, Class: S2998 2pts Super Wheelspin
Speed Trap: Los Arboles Beat the 170mph Speed Trap target Anything Goes, Class: S2998 2pts Super Wheelspin
Seasonal Championship: The Marathon Win the Seasonal Championship against Highly Skilled Drivatars Modern Supercars, Class: S1900 5pts Audi TT RS
Seasonal Championship: Street Endurance Win the Seasonal Championship against Highly Skilled Drivatars Modern Sports Cars, Class: A800 5pts Eclispe GSX
Seasonal Championship: On The Move Win the Seasonal Championship against Highly Skilled Drivatars Trucks, Class: A800 5pts HSV Maloo '14
Seasonal Championship: Retro Street Win the Seasonal Championship against Highly Skilled Drivatars Retro Hot Hatch, Class: C600 5pts Megan R26.R

How to beat Forza Horizon 5: Winter Festival Playlist Season Events

For this week's Trial, Street Safari, you are restricted to a Class C Vans and Utility vehicle. For this one, we went with the 2011 Ford Transit SuperSportVan and tune: 143 939 236. The Trial is an easy one this week, and the Transit is an absolute beast with this tune. It will easily get you out in front at the start of the race, leaving everyone in the dust. While the Transit is pretty speedy for a Class C vehicle, it has shocking brakes and pretty poor handling, so you will need to take it easy and gently ease it around bends, or you will slide out, especially as the races are in the wet.

For the Colina Danger Sign, you'll need to jump 518m or more in any S2 class car. A fair few cars here will get the job done, but we opted for the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder and tune: 100 858 250, which saw us crush the Danger Sign. Get a good run-up from just beyond the Fuera Del Camino Trail race marker, and you'll easily beat the target. The hardest thing about this one is the landing, so you may have to rewind and adjust a few times before you stick it.

The Los Arboles Speed Trap asks you to beat a speed target of 170mph in any Class S2 car. To keep things simple, we stuck with the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder and tune: 100 858 250, which we used for the previous PR Stunt. If you start your approach from the hairpin turn, you should pass through the trap in the Porsche at around 180mph or more.

Our first Seasonal Championship is The Marathon, where we're restricted to a Class S1 Modern Supercar. For this lengthy Championship, we used a stock 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB, which is more than capable of getting you a first-place finish here. The Ferrari is an excellent car in its stock setup — it's fast, it handles well, and it's hot on the brakes, so it should get you out in front in no time at all.

For the next Seasonal Championship, Street Endurance, you can only use a Class A Modern Sports Car. We dominated this Championship with the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS, which we left stock. The Porsche is a good all-rounder with decent handling and speed, though it doesn't do so well in the wet. You can easily lose the Porsche on bends in the wet, especially if you're hitting the brakes hard, so be careful!

The third Seasonal Championship, On The Move, restricts you to a Class A Truck. For this one, we opted for the 2015 Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck and made it more bearable with tune: 228 271 928. This tune beefs up the Trucks overall speed and acceleration, making it a bit more fun to drive. Of course, that added speed means you'll need to get on the brakes early if you want any hope of making it around a corner. Visibility is also a bit of an issue with the Tankpool, depending on your camera preference, so keep an eye out for oncoming cars and other traffic.

In the final Seasonal Championship, Retro Street , you can only use a Class C Retro Hot Hatch. We used a stock 2001 Acura Integra Type R, which comfortably gave us three wins. Being restricted to Class C cars, this Championship is naturally going to be slow, so to build up some decent speed, make sure you're drafting as much as possible in each race until you get out in front, and don't be afraid to ram into the CPU in some of the tighter bends to get an advantage. Much like the Tankpool in the previous Championship, the brakes on the Acura aren't great, so get on them early in the wet.


Challenge Challenge requirements Season Points Reward
Treasure Hunt: Super Street Win a Street Race in any Super Hot Hatch 3pts 100 Forzathon Points
Photo Challenge: #StreetScene Photograph the 2008 Renault Megane R26.R at the Horizon Street Scene Outpost 2pts Watermelon Ankle Socks Clothing Reward
Horizon Open: Critical Success Perform five Ultimate Drift Skills in Horizon Open Drifting 2pts "It's Morbin' Time" Forza Link Reward

Monthly Events

Event Event description Season Points Reward
Monthly Rivals: Bola Ocho Circuit Post a clean lap to complete 4pts N/A

Hot Wheels Events

Event Event requirements Vehicle restrictions Season Points Reward
Speed Zone: Frozen RushBeat the 170mph Speed Zone target Anything Goes, Class: S2998 2pts Super Wheelspin
Seasonal Championship: Paint the Streets Orange Win the Seasonal Championship against Highly Skilled Drivatars Hypercars, Class: S2998 5pts VW Golf R '14
To complete Forza Horizon 5's new Hot Wheels events on the Festival Playlist, you will need to have reached Elite Rank (S2 Class) in the Hot Wheels Academy.

For the Frozen Rush Speed Zone, you need to blast through the zone at a speed of 170mph or more in any Class S2 car. This one is a bit tricky because of the ice and bends, but we saw success with the 1986 Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution and tune: 524 289 079. It may take a couple of attempts and a little drifting, but the Hoonigan has just enough power and traction to squeeze you past the target.

This week's Hot Wheels Seasonal Championship, Paint the Streets Orange, requires you to win the Championship in a Class S2 Hypercar. We went with the Porsche 918 Spyder and tune: 100 858 250, which is what we used for some of the PR Stunts this week. While pretty much any S2 Hypercar will do the job here, the Porsche in this setup is a rocket with its excellent speed, handling and acceleration. The only thing you'll need to watch out for is that it tends to get a bit twitchy at really high speeds, so keep her steady!

Got any recommended cars or tunes for completing this season's challenges that differ from ours? Give the community your suggestions down in the comments below, and let us know if you found our round-up useful!

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