Twelve Days of Christmas 2021 Challenge 5

Rich Stone - December 5th 2021

We've had thousands of gamers register for the Twelve Days of Christmas 2021 Community Challenge event and it's now time to reveal the challenge for Day 5:

Challenge 5: Five Hidden Things

For the 5th challenge, you need to unlock five achievements flagged Collectable

The key points are:

  • You can click the Valid Achievements button on the 12 Days panel on your homepage to see achievements you need in games in your collection that are valid for this challenge.
  • You can find a full list of collectable achievements here
  • You have until the end of December 31st to do this and all of the other 11 challenges

Challenge 6 will be revealed at 10am (UTC) tomorrow.

Good luck!

You can read the event FAQ here and discuss the event here.