FIFA 22 Locker Room: What's new in Ultimate Team this week? (December 4th)

Kes Eylers-Stephenson - December 4th 2021

Welcome to the Locker Room. Here, we can talk about all of FIFA 22's Ultimate Team mode news once a week. That includes a list of the Team of the Week cards, including our chosen pick, as well as the newest SBCs and the objectives for the week.

Team of the Week

It's the TOTW 11 and it is jam-packed with good cards. Van Dijk headlines with a striker-destroying 90-rated card in his native centre-back role. De Jong has an 88-rated card in CM, which is deliciously flexible. The main issue with the Dutch international's card is that Atlético Madrid's Llorente exists with an even more well-rounded set of numbers. Speaking of the Atléti man, his teammate Antoine Griezmann has made it to the TOTW in ST with an 86-rated card. It's good, no doubt, but it's just a bit boring. Shout out to the Feature Player this week — that is the one with the star — Bakayo Saka of Arsenal. What a sensational player. A nifty card too, as he rocks an 85-rated double-upgraded item. These are some solid, if unspectacular, numbers, but I know a few of you will not care about that one iota.

Our Pick: Laborde (85 — ST — Stade Rennais F.C.)

Well, it wasn't an ideal pick. The Leverkusen winger Diaby nearly got in here, but the issue is that the French starlet already has better cards that are in the reasonable price range. Laborde is worth a look if you are building a French team, though. It's his all-around 80's that really help you because you can mould the 5'11 frontman to your needs. He has a strong-weak foot at four stars, so just apply a Deadeye chemistry style and you are good to go with a 92-rated card! The great thing? He is valued at 15k. That is a bargain that will help you invest in every other part of the pitch.


We have picked the currently available SBCs and priced them, as per FUTbin's amazing listings. Sorry about this one in advance, gang. Two are available to me at the time of writing, so I've laid them out for you, but you won't have long to nab them if you are reading this the day this article goes live. In fact, as of right now, you should probably head to the SBC tab and have a look, as a new set of SBCs will already be present. However, you will still have access to a Flashback Chiellini card, the legendary Juventus CB, that is 85-rated. He is priced at 155k, though, which is a little bit extortionate if you ask me. With 80 pace and 86 physicality and defending, it's not a bad card... it's just that Koulibaly exists for a fraction of the cost (12k) with similar numbers. Even pricer is the Signature Signing version of Gelson Martins from Monaco, rated at 85 in RW. He is 200k. I feel like I don't need to explain to you why this is not worth it.

Objectives and Misc.

The unfortunately named Dodô is the Silver Star of the week. The Shakhtar Donetsk right-back required you to head to the Silver Lounge FUT friendly and win 8, score 8, and assist 3 with any player and any team. A good Brazilian link to be had, so he is worth a shot. Across the rest of FUT, it looks like there is going to be a fresh drop of Champions League Team of the Group Stage cards. The teaser image that boots up when you enter the mode suggests that there will be one Man City player, but since it will be live as of you reading this, go and have a little look and invest your FUT coins wisely!

Let us know your pick outs! Is anybody taking your fancy? Agree with our Player Pick from the TOTW? Let us know in the comments!

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