Xbox Countdown Add-On Sale: TA Team Picks

Tom West - January 15th 2022

We're back with our picks from the latest Xbox sales, and this time we're delving into the DLC dimension with the Xbox Countdown Add-Ons Sale. Most of the TA news team has managed to find something in here that we feel is worthy of your attention — if you like dinosaurs, pirates, or high-speed racing you're in luck, because that's what we're offering today!

Heidi — Jurassic World Evolution - Expansion Collection

I was a fool. See, instead of waiting for a sale like this, where I could have bought all three expansions for Jurassic World Evolution together at a discount, I bought them individually, shelling out about the same price each for Secrets of Dr. Wu and Claire’s Sanctuary as the whole Expansion collection costs together. And I’m doubly a fool, because I still haven’t got Return to Jurassic Park — which will cost me the same again. I could have waited for a sale like this and got them all for under £15, but no; now all I can do is tell my sorry tale and warn others. If you enjoyed Jurassic World Evolution or Jurassic World Evolution 2, you’ll most likely love the first game’s DLC, which adds in new dinosaurs, new campaigns, new features, and new difficulties — and now’s a great time to grab it, since it sits at 60% off.
Jurassic World Evolution: Expansion Collection

Expand your Jurassic experience with Secrets of Dr. Wu, Claire’s Sanctuary and Return to Jurassic Park.

Secrets of Dr. Wu includes new intriguing story, challenging missions, and hybrid dinosaurs.

Claire’s Sanctuary asks you to join former Jurassic World Operations Manager, Claire Dearing.

Return to Jurassic Park follows the events of the iconic 1993 film. You are invited to return to the island where it all started. Reclaim the park from the dinosaurs, whilst guided by Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Ian Malcolm.

Bundle includes:

Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr. Wu

Jurassic World Evolution: Claire's Sanctuary

Jurassic World Evolution: Return to Jurassic Park

Kes — Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag — Season Pass

Freedom Cry is all you need to know about this season pass. This roughly five-hour expansion to the best Assassin’s Creed is the take of Adewale, fellow assassin Edward Kenway’s long-time first-mate. Adewale finds himself in Port-au-Prince after a storm wipes out his ship fourteen years after the events of Black Flag. The heartfelt narrative that unfurls is one about freeing slaves from the hands of colonial governors and trying to break the chains of a local population from those in power. Adewale is a likeable and moral protagonist who has a clear purpose. That isn’t always interesting for a narrative, but when you are dealing with a core plot thread as sensitive as slavery, it actually heightens your attachment to the shotgun-and-seax-wielding hero. Indeed, Ubisoft handles the topic of slavery with a forthright obviousness. You literally have slaves to free dotted around the map, each instance showing you the devastating historical reality for black people during the colonial period. There isn’t much subtlety in the narrative or the way Ubisoft shows you the world, but the result is that Adewale’s journey is contextualised by your own moral obligations. It’s effective — and that is exactly what Freedom Cry needed to be.

If we are talking gameplay, then stealth-action is back in vogue here. It’s as good as it was in AC4, which is to say it is probably — alongside some of Unity and Syndicate — the last instance of truly great stealth and traditionally animated attack-and-parry combat in AC. There are a few too many tailing missions that plagued the middle-era of Assassin’s Creed, without quite enough ambition in mission type. You are building up a slave revolution that never really comes to a head in some kind of explosive revolution as I had hoped. However, let it be understood that this is a fantastic slab of Assassin’s Creed action in the form that many wish the series to return to. The narrative is front and centre, with a logical tale that mixes history with the Assassin fantasy in a way that actually helps evoke an image of the period. Combining solid foundational gameplay and a reasonably sized open-world threaded with linear narrative, this is a superb way to get to grips with traditional Assassin's Creed. It helps that the game world is a mixture of densely populated areas with a little wildlife and nature, rather than the excessive, repetitive maps of the more recent entries. I really recommend this to everyone alongside the superb main game, so go and give it a go for a tiny fraction of the value the narrative is worth.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Season Pass

The Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™ Season Pass gives you access to the exclusive Kraken Ship pack, a new 3+ hour single player story featuring Adewale, an ex-slave turned Assassin, plus multiplayer characters and more.

Sean — Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle

If you’ve seen the issues some players have been encountering with Forza Horizon 5 and haven’t wanted to jump into the latest game in the series, then why not extend your mileage in Forza Horizon 4 with the Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle. It’s currently on sale at its lowest price ever ($19.99/$15.99/€19.66) and gives you access to the two excellent DLC expansions: Fortune Island and Lego Speed Champions, both of which have achievements that you’ll need to invest a fair bit of time in to unlock – there’s a lot of content there! The Lego DLC is my favourite of the two and transports you to Lego Valley, a world filled with items made from Lego that you can smash your car through, and watch explode into hundreds of Lego blocks. With the Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle, you’re also getting the Best of Bond Car Pack, the Formula Drift Car Pack, the Welcome Pack, Forza Horizon 4 VIP Membership, and the Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass, which includes a whopping 49 extra cars. Now is the time to pick up this bundle, if you haven’t done so already.
Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle

Upgrade your Forza Horizon 4 game to Ultimate at one low price! This bundle includes the Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass, VIP Membership, Formula Drift Car Pack, Best of Bond Car Pack, and two game expansions. This add-on requires Forza Horizon 4 (game sold separately).

Is anything here making you want to dive back into one of your games for a fresh experience, or have you found something else that you'd rather have a go with? Let us know in the comments!