Community Event — TA Winter Olympics 2022

Rich Stone - February 3rd 2022

As most of our members will know, we love a community event here at TrueAchievements.

With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics beginning this week, there is a great opportunity to refresh our 2018 Winter Olympic event with some new challenges, and some tweaks to some of the old ones.

The TrueAchievements Winter Olympics 2022

Event Information

  • The event runs from 12pm (midday) UTC on Thursday, February 3rd to 12pm (midday) UTC on Monday, February 21st.
  • Registration is open now, and you can register throughout the event until 9am UTC on Monday, February 21st.
  • Anyone can enter, as long as they are registered on the site and have full tracking.
  • Challenge Leaderboards and registration details are on the TrueAchievements Winter Olympics Hub.

TrueAchievements Winter Olympics 2022 Events

The event is comprised of nine different achievement-related challenges. Six of the challenges are revealed now, with a further three challenges to be revealed at 12pm (midday) UTC on Thursday February 10th.

Event Challenges — persistent challenges

Two of the challenges run throughout the entire duration of the event and will be automatically tracked without you having to do anything to start them (apart from register for the event). Those two challenges are:

Long Track Speed Skating
This challenge is for earning the most achievements during the entire duration of the event. It does not need to be manually started.

Ski Jumping
This challenge is for earning the achievement with the highest TrueAchievement Ratio during the entire duration of the event. It does not need to be manually started.
Please note: To counter new game and DLC ratio madness, only achievements released prior to January 1st 2022 will count for this challenge.

Event Challenges — manually started challenges

The next four challenges have to be started manually from your personal Winter Olympic event hub — this is accessed from the tab with your GamerTag in on the Winter Olympic hub, or from the link on your Winter Olympic panel on your homepage.

Note: Only one of these challenges can be active at any time.

Figure Skating
Perfect Tens: The goal is to unlock the most 10 Gamerscore achievements in a row without earning any achievements with any other Gamerscore. The event automatically ends for the player when a non-10 Gamerscore achievement is earned.

Spell the word B-E-I-J-I-N-G using the first letter of achievement names, in order. The leaderboard is ranked by the highest sum of the TA ratio of the valid letters.

Achievements that start with accented characters or numerals as the first character will not count towards this challenge.

Earn eight achievements with a cumulative TrueAchievement points total of 2022. The leaderboard is ranked by the person closest to 2022 (this could be +/-) and then by fastest to complete, and uses the TrueAchievement value at time of scan; ie:

Gamer 1: 2022 TA — Time 1 hour
Gamer 2: 2000 TA — Time 2 hours
Gamer 3: 2044 TA — Time 3 hours

Half Pipe
Unlock ten achievements, the first with the lowest TrueAchievement Difference (TAD) possible, the next with the highest TrueAchievement Difference possible, the next with the lowest, and so on. The goal is to attain the highest cumulative total of TAD difference between the unlocks.

Example scoring (example achievements are linked):

Achievement 1: 0 TAD
Achievement 2: 159 TAD — total TAD difference is 159 (159-0)
Achievement 3: 6 TAD — total difference is now 312 (159 + (159-6))
Achievement 4: 107 TAD — total difference is now 413 (312 + (107-6))

The leaderboard is ranked by the person with the largest TAD difference, and then by fastest to complete.

Additional information

Valid achievements

Achievements only count for the event if they are:
  • Won online
  • Not challenges
  • In games rather than apps

Invalid achievements

If you have a challenge running and unlock an achievement that does not meet the requirements (so for instance an achievement starting with the wrong letter in the Biathlon), the achievement will not count but you will not be penalised for it. The challenge will just continue with the next achievement that is valid.

Note: This does not apply to Figure Skating, where your first non-10 Gamerscore achievement will auto-stop the challenge.

Repeating Challenges

You only have one attempt at each challenge — please do not start them until you are ready to go.


Participating in the event adds to the colour of your Community Events badge. This is not a Community Challenge and will not count towards that badge.

The final three Challenges

The rules for the final three challenges will be revealed at 12pm (midday) UTC on February 16th.

Winners panel

The top three in each event will receive a panel on their homepage showing off their medals!

Good luck!

As you can imagine, there is an awful lot of new code for this event. We've done our best to test everything, but it's very difficult to recreate the situations caused by all of the achievements being unlocked by the thousands of competitors.

We'll be on hand to fix issues as they occur, but please be patient if you notice anything not working as expected, and please let us know in the discussion thread.