How to make money quick in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Luke Albigés - April 6th 2022

If you've looked at the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga achievements, you'll know that the devs saw fit to include an achievement for earning 10 billion studs — a ludicrous sum that is enough to unlock every single item in the game hundreds of times over. If you're keen to get to work on the grind sooner rather than later, here are some of the quickest and most efficient ways to fill your coffers and your collections

The fastest and easiest ways to earn studs in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga


The most obvious way to boost your income is using the stud multipliers unlocked via the Extras menu. These don't come cheap (although as ever, nothing in the Extras or Accessibility menus affects achievements), so you should avoid spending too much cash until you've at least got the first few of these under your belt. The first comes in at a cool million studs, with the other four rising in price to effectively cost another million base studs, only inflated for the multiplier offered by previous tiers — 2 million for the second, 8 million for the third, 48 million for the fourth, and 384 million for the fifth and final one, which will take you to the Lego endgame's usual x3,840 multiplier. Each multiplier upgrade will also require one Datacard (Skywalker Saga's Red Brick replacements, but a bit easier to find), so you may want to invest in the Collectable Detector perk in the Core Upgrades tree in order to highlight these on-screen and on the map, along with all other major pick-ups.

Bounty Hunters

Given just how many enemies The Skywalker Saga likes to throw at you at times, having a powered-up Bounty Hunter character on your side is a must if you want to be earning big from the relatively early stages of the game. This is thanks to their unlockable Hidden Bounties perk, which rewards 250 studs per kill per rank, up to 750 at max level. This might not sound like much, but it adds up extremely quickly, especially when you know how and where to exploit it. The bad news is that unless you picked up the deluxe edition and have a Pocket Mandalorian from the off, adding a Bounty Hunter to your team isn't especially quick or cheap. Those playing through the movies in release order will get quickest access to a bounty hunter in Greedo after arriving in Mos Eisley. A word of warning, though — completing the Greedo unlock mission in Mos Eisley, Ma Klounkee Most Foul, will remove the single best Bounty Hunter stud farm in the game, so I'd advise against it and wait a little until you can pick up one of the Fetts (whose jetpacks also make platforming Easy Mode) or newcomers, depending on what order you're working through the movies.

What is this farm, you ask? Well, the quest NPCs for the Ma Klounkee Most Foul side mission just so happen to be a trio of Stormtroopers in northern Mos Eisley, near the cantina. They count as enemies, but are non-hostile, barely move, and respawn in a second or two after being defeated. Once you've invested in that Bounty Hunter perk, you can simply have your gunslinger stand there and smoke these fools to your heart's content, and you'll rake in a fortune in the process. If you've already completed this sidequest, you can do something similar at the Imperial checkpoint across town, which will spawn unlimited troopers (at a slower rate) until the alarm is deactivated. There's another spot like this in central Mos Espa that does the same thing but with Rodian goons in an around an alarmed store, although that's even less effective due to the much larger outdoor area and the slow reinforcement spawns indoors. Still, just having a levelled Bounty Hunter on your side as you play through the game will give your wallet a massive boost, hopefully helping you to that 10 billion stud achievement that much quicker.

Capital ships

The biggest single earner in the game, but not a reliable method to farm due to the random nature of the spawns of these super-ships, and the fact that you need to have played through most of the movies to have access to them. Each of the three — Executor, Steadfast, and Trade Federation Battleship — has a fairly low chance to appear in certain space areas, and can be captured after defeat and added to your collection, even summoned while in space to explore as mini-levels in their own right. In terms of cash, though, we're more interested in the generic replacements that turn up instead of the named ships once you have them. Each is a pretty big fight with loads of targets and hostiles, meaning that it'll take a little longer than most other options here, but the pay will be way better... one of these earned me the best part of a billion studs on its own at max multiplier. If a capital ship doesn't spawn as you load in, you can sometimes force a spawn by engaging in those random space battles you see on most maps. If you can get that big boy to come out to play, it's absolutely worth that extra downtime.

Stud comets

In terms of simplicity, stud comets are the easiest and maybe even quickest way to make money in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Each space area spawns one comet — a Kyber comet the first time you encounter/destroy it, later replaced with a stud comet on subsequent visits. Kyber ones are great themselves as they get you five bricks for minimal effort, but the stud ones are where the money is at, granting around 85 million for each one destroyed with all multipliers active. Better yet, you can simply travel between space zones (or into and out of story missions from the menu) to respawn and farm them. It's not the most interesting of processes, sure, but it's a particularly helpful earner when you're zoning between space maps trying to get the capital ships to spawn, plus its a free wad of studs for barely 30 seconds' work whenever you find yourself in space.


Astromech Droids, Heroes, and Villains all have perks in their skill trees that makes it possible to skip their respective terminal mini-games, but offers a substantial amount of studs for doing it manually — up to 7,500 when maxed out, so around 29 million studs per use with all five multipliers. This is a win/win, with a juicy new income source on the way to that grindtastic 10 billion studs achievements, which later doubles as a time save once you no longer need the extra money. Well worth the investment, as they'll quickly pay for themselves and then some.

Free Play missions

The great thing about so many story levels being short and sweet is that you can blast through some of them in next to no time, with especially the flight and on-rails ones being great targets to replay to grind out studs. With all multipliers on, many missions can net you hundreds of millions in a matter of minutes, but bear in mind that any in-engine cutscenes are unskippable, so some might not be as quick or efficient as they appear. Still, there are plenty of them so it's going to be the most interesting way to grind to 10 billion. The stages themselves will come down to personal preference, but we found A Bigger Fish (Episode I) and They Fly Now (Episode IX) to be quick and easy on-rails levels with relatively generous payouts, while fast flight levels such as Now This Is Podracing (Episode I) and Stay On Target (Episode IV) throw studs around like candy.

Canto Bight casino vault

This one isn't quite the payday it first seemed, but it's still a nice chunk of change to grab whenever you're in the area. Make your way all the way to the raised rear area of the Canto Bight level, and to the left of the main casino doors right at the top, you'll see a tall tower covered in handholds and poles. Using a Jedi, Dark Side, or Scavenger character, make your way all the way up and inside, dropping down into the casino's vault to complete one of the game's myriad puzzles. Once you loot the place and pop the door open, it stays open so you never need to do that climb again, but the stash will not respawn until you restart the game, so this trick isn't too practical to repeat at length.


  • Cages that once held Kyber Bricks will instead reward you with one purple stud (10,000) when you solve their puzzles to open them again on a return visit. Worth it for the simple ones, for sure, but perhaps not so much for those that are a little more involved.
  • The Scoundrel skill tree's top ability reduces the cost of rumours, by up to 50% when maxed out. While this doesn't earn studs, it will save them if you do plan on using the hint system to make tracking missions and key characters easier.
  • Protocol Droids can take a perk which supposedly awards cash for every new translation they perform. In testing this, however, we didn't get a single stud, which could be due to having spoken to most characters previously, having the Universal Translator unlocked (which was disabled for testing), or simply a bug, so your mileage may vary.
  • The Attract Studs perk in the Core Upgrades tree is extremely useful, especially when maxed out. It draws in studs from a huge distance, meaning you end up earning passive extra income whatever you're doing, which never hurts.

Hopefully some of these pointers will help put a few more studs in your pocket and get you to that ridiculous 10 billion target a little sooner! If you have any tricks of your own, share them below and let us put our collective wisdom to work! Now if you'll excuse me, I still have several hundred side missions left to do...

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