TA Playlist game for May 2022 announced

The TA Playlist Team - April 29th 2022

Welcome back to another month of TA Playlist!

After a month of slaughtering guards and Templars in and around Acre, Jerusalem and other areas in this month’s game, Assassin's Creed, it’s now time to introduce the game selected for May.

Our selections for May were four games that highlighted mental health awareness, as in many places around the world, May is Mental Health Awareness month, with this year’s theme in the UK being loneliness. This vote was incredibly close, but by the end of it, our winner by a very narrow margin was Limbo.

Developed by Playdead and released back in 2014 (although the original Xbox Live Arcade version was released back in 2010), Limbo is a puzzle/platformer game set in a sparse, quiet world with no music and no colour.

You play as a lonely child who must journey across a bleak and dangerous landscape to reach someone he loves, his sister. Limbo lays on its themes thick, demonstrating loss, depression and grief with an attack on your sense of sight and sound. The black and white world is cruel, violent and filled with dangerous traps.
The game itself is interesting, with many of the achievements being based around finding the locations of a handful of hidden collectables and finishing the story (with the notable addition of a sub-5 death run through the game).

Limbo has a 4.06/5.00 rating on TA, although the original arcade game currently sits a 4.26. A mere 3% of the game’s almost 130,000 players have completed it, with the completion expected to take 6-8 hours.
As always, you will get a TA Playlist credit for unlocking an achievement in any stack of the games; Limbo, Limbo (Xbox 360) or Limbo (Windows).

Here's how the vote panned out:

As always, head over to the TA Playlist Hub to give your opinions on Limbo and the topics it covers. We’re hoping for a lively debate to be included in the monthly wrap-up article!

If you’re ever in need of mental health support or are affected by any of the experiences you feel in games or other media, please do reach out. There are lots of organisations that specialise in help and support. Some of the most prominent UK organisations can be found here.

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