Halo Infinite: Season 2 — how to beat all challenges, new events, rewards, and more

Luke Albigés - May 4th 2022

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves is here, bringing with a brand new Battle Pass with 100 tiers of free and Premium rewards, new challenges, new events, and more. Here's everything you can unlock in this new season so far...

As well as finally giving us the last of the Halo Infinite achievements by making the 'MEDIC!' achievement obtainable (despite earlier reports to the contrary), Season 2 of Halo Infinite's multiplayer suite adds a Spar-ton of new unlockable goodies, with a bunch of stuff in the free Battle Pass and even more in the Premium one. To progress through the pass, you'll need to complete Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn XP, with 1,000XP total progressing you one tier. Here's a look at what you'll be up against in Season 2...

What's new in Halo Infinite Season 2? (w/c May 10th)

Week two of Halo Infinite's second season is now live, taking us into the final week of the Interference event, so grab those rewards while you can. There's not a massive amount of new stuff since last week, but there's a new Ultimate Challenge this week for a new reward (the Rare 'Battleship Haze' Weapon Coating) as well as some new and modified challenges — new ones have been added to the master list below, while some of the more involved Event Challenges (such as Vengeance for Vihar and Opportunity to Improvise) and a few regular ones have had their requirements adjusted, so we'll be updating those accordingly as we come across them. Many of the base level challenges also seem to have had the PvP restriction removed, yet higher tier versions of ones that didn't previously have it now do, so again, we're working through the list to make it as accurate as possible to the current (and ongoing) Challenge pool. Finally, if you played in the first week of Season 2, you should find you have five XP Boosts and five Challenge Skips as an apology for Season 2's "bumpy" launch, so put 'em to good use!

Halo Infinite Season 2 Daily and Weekly Challenges

Daily Challenges

  • Spoils of Sparta — Play any match (300XP)
  • Augmented Experience — Play any match (200XP)
  • Musa Sends His Regards — Play any match (100XP)
  • Practice Makes Perfection — Play any match (50XP)

Weekly Challenges
* denotes Event Challenge

  • Agoge — Complete any four PvP matches (250XP)
  • Agoge — Complete any six PvP matches (300XP)
  • Army of One — Earn 5,000 cumulative Player Score in Team Slayer PvP matches (250XP)
  • Back Smack Attack — Kill an enemy Spartan from behind with a melee attack (200XP)
  • Back Smack Attack — Kill three enemy Spartans from behind with melee attacks in PvP (300XP)
  • Blademaster — Kill an enemy Spartan with the Energy Sword in PvP (250XP)
  • Blademaster — Kill ten enemy Spartans with the Energy Sword in PvP (300XP)
  • Boom & Bash — Win four Fiesta PvP matches (300XP)
  • Brutal Stalker — Kill an enemy Spartan with the Stalker Rifle in PvP (250XP)
  • Call Me Ishmael — Grapple Shot an enemy Spartan in PvP (250XP)
  • Call Me Ishmael — Grapple Shot five enemy Spartans in PvP (300XP)
  • Camber Recon* — Complete two Last Spartan Standing matches (300XP)
  • Camber Recon* — Complete four Last Spartan Standing PvP matches (350XP)
  • Camber Recon* — Complete six Last Spartan Standing PvP matches (400XP)
  • Castle Crasher — Complete two Strongholds matches in PvP (250XP)
  • Coil Burner — Kill an enemy Spartan with a thrown Fusion Coil in PvP (300XP)
  • Competitor — Complete six Ranked Arena matches (300XP)
  • Cutting Their Teeth* — Earn 2,500 cumulative Player Score in Last Spartan Standing matches (300XP)
  • Cutting Their Teeth* — Earn 5,000 cumulative Player Score in Last Spartan Standing PvP matches (350XP)
  • Cutting Their Teeth* — Earn 10,000 cumulative Player Score in Last Spartan Standing PvP matches (400XP)
  • Doing Your Part — Earn 2,000 cumulative Player Score in matches (200XP)
  • Dome Field Advantage — Win two Tactical Slayer PvP matches (250XP)
  • Double Header — Earn a Double Kill in Tactical Slayer PvP (300XP)
  • Flag Switching — Capture two enemy flags in PvP (250XP)
  • Flag Switching — Capture seven enemy flags in PvP (300XP)
  • For the Fun — Complete three Quick Play matches (200XP)
  • For the Win — Win three Quick Play matches (250XP)
  • Head Hammer — Kill an enemy Spartan with the Gravity Hammer in PvP (250XP)
  • Head of the Pack — Kill ten enemy Spartans in Tactical Slayer matches (200XP)
  • Head's Up Play — Win an Oddball match in PvP (250XP)
  • Heat of the Moment — Kill an enemy Spartan with the Heatwave in PvP (250XP)
  • Household Name — Earn 5,000 cumulative Player Score in Ranked PvP matches (250XP)
  • Household Name — Earn 7,500 cumulative Player Score in Ranked PvP matches (300XP)
  • Hunt From the Back* — Kill an enemy Spartan from behind with a melee attack in Last Spartan Standing PvP (350XP)
  • Hunt From the Back* — Kill three enemy Spartans from behind with melee attacks in Last Spartan Standing PvP (400XP)
  • I Claim This Map... — Win a Capture the Flag match in PvP
  • Land Grab — Capture a zone (200XP)
  • Landlord — Win a Strongholds match in PvP (250XP)
  • Lead Zappin — Kill an enemy Spartan with the Disruptor in PvP (250XP)
  • Lead Zappin — Kill five enemy Spartan with the Disruptor in PvP (300XP)
  • Life of the Party — Kill ten enemy Spartans in Fiesta PvP matches (200XP)
  • Life of the Party — Kill 50 enemy Spartans in Fiesta PvP matches (300XP)
  • Lone Danger — Complete two Free For All matches (200XP)
  • Lone Danger — Complete five Free For All PvP matches (250XP)
  • Long Distance Relationships — Kill ten enemy Spartans with the Sniper Rifle in PvP (300XP)
  • Look, A Head! — Kill ten enemy Spartans with headshots in PvP (300XP)
  • Making Space — Kill three enemy Spartans defending their zones in PvP
  • Making Your Point — Earn 2,000 cumulative Player Score in Quick Play matches (200XP)
  • Martial Artist — Kill three enemy Spartans with melee attacks (250XP)
  • Martial Artist — Kill ten enemy Spartans with melee attacks in PvP (250XP)
  • Misriah's Menace — Kill five enemy Spartans with the Assault Rifle (200XP)
  • Misriah's Menace — Kill 15 enemy Spartans with the Assault Rifle (250XP)
  • Noisemaker — Kill an enemy Spartan with the Rocket Launcher in PvP (250XP)
  • Not So Fast — Kill three enemy Spartans trying to return their flags in PvP (300XP)
  • Opportunity to Improvise* — Kill three enemy Spartans with melee attacks in Last Spartan Standing (300XP)
  • Opportunity to Improvise* — Kill five enemys Spartans with melee attacks in Last Spartan Standing PvP (350XP)
  • Opportunity to Improvise* — Kill ten enemy Spartans with melee attacks in Last Spartan Standing PvP (400XP)
  • Out on the Hunt* — Kill three enemy Spartans with melee attacks in Last Spartan Standing (300XP)
  • Out on the Hunt* — Kill ten enemy Spartans with melee attacks in Last Spartan Standing (350XP)
  • Out on the Hunt* — Kill 25 enemy Spartans with melee attacks in Last Spartan Standing (400XP)
  • Private Party — Earn 2,000 cumalitive Player Score in Fiesta matches (200XP)
  • Private Party — Earn 5,000 cumalitive Player Score in Fiesta PvP matches (200XP)
  • Practical Tactical — Complete two Tactical Slayer matches (200XP)
  • Raise the Banner — Complete a Capture the Flag match (200XP)
  • Raise the Banner — Complete two Capture the Flag matches in PvP (200XP)
  • Self-Assurance — Earn 7,500 cumulative Player Score in Free For All PvP matches (300XP)
  • Separation Anxiety — Kill an enemy Spartan by sticking them with a Plasma or Spike Grenade in PvP (250XP)
  • Skill Monger — Earn 5,000 cumulative Player Score in Tactical Slayer PvP matches (250XP)
  • Slayer Player — Complete two Team Slayer matches (200XP)
  • Slayer Player — Complete five Team Slayer PvP matches (250XP)
  • Slaying the Objective — Win two Team Slayer PvP matches (250XP)
  • Social Soiree — Complete two Fiesta matches (200XP)
  • Social Soiree — Complete five Fiesta matches (250XP)
  • Spread the Love — Kill five enemy Spartans with the Battle Rifle (200XP)
  • Spread the Love — Kill 15 enemy Spartans with the Battle Rifle (250XP)
  • Squad of One — Kill ten enemy Spartans in Free For All matches (200XP)
  • Squad of One — Kill 20 enemy Spartans in Free For All PvP matches (250XP)
  • Subanese Slayer — Kill an enemy Spartan with the Needler in PvP (250XP)
  • Team Player — Get ten assists (200XP)
  • Team Player — Get 20 assists in PvP (250XP)
  • To Iritate Iratus* — Kill ten enemy Spartans in Last Spartan Standing (300XP)
  • To Iritate Iratus* — Kill 25 enemy Spartans in Last Spartan Standing (350XP)
  • Trusty Sidekick — Kill five enemy Spartans with the Sidekick Pistol (200XP)
  • Trusty Sidekick — Kill 15 enemy Spartans with the Sidekick Pistol in PvP (250XP)
  • Two Down — Earn a Double Kill in Fiesta PvP (300XP)
  • Vengeance for Vihar* — Kill three enemy Spartans with headshots in Last Spartan Standing PvP (300XP)
  • Vengeance for Vihar* — Kill five enemy Spartans with headshots in Last Spartan Standing PvP (350XP)
  • Vengeance for Vihar* — Kill ten enemy Spartans with headshots in Last Spartan Standing PvP (400XP)
  • Vlad World — Kill ten enemy Spartans with the Skewer in PvP (300XP)
  • Wargames Warrior — Kill ten enemy Spartans (200XP)
  • Wargames Warrior — Kill 20 enemy Spartans in PvP (250XP)
  • Wheelin' Dealin' Poultry Mealin' — Win any two PvP matches (250XP)
  • Wheelin' Dealin' Poultry Mealin' — Win any three PvP matches (300XP)

Weekly Ultimate (w/c May 10th)

  • Breaker Breaker — ? (Rare Weapon Coating 'Battleship Haze')

It's worth noting that you won't have all of these challenges available to you at once — each player gets their own pool of 20 Weekly Challenges to work through each week, with up to three active at a time (or four if you have the Premium pass to unlock an additional Challenge slot). We've signed in across multiple accounts this week to get this work-in-progress master Challenge list together as best we could, but as you can see, it's likely that we're still missing some unique ones and some of the other variants, as most appear to have multiple possible tiers of difficulty. We'll add to this as best we can each week, and feel free to give us a hand by mentioning any we haven't encountered yet down in the comments so we can get them added.

Once you complete all 20 of your assigned Weekly Challenges, the Ultimate Challenge will unlock, leading to a special new item for your dedication. Ultimates are the same for all players, with this week's being particularly easy as it simply asks that you play the new Last Spartan Standing mode three times. Some players are reporting that leaving early (even after losing all their lives and being prompted that it is safe to leave) is causing progress to not track properly, so you might want to stick around until the end of the match just to be on the safe side, with this and other Last Spartan Standing Challenges.

In addition, note that the Daily Challenges offer diminishing returns as you complete them sequentially each day — 300XP for your first match, 200XP for the next two, 100XP for the following three, then 50XP, so you'll make better progress simply by playing a handful of matches a day then waiting for those Daily rewards to refresh. Also, pay close attention to the wording in challenge text. Challenges that name-check a specific mode naturally can only be worked towards in the listed mode, while those that explicitly mention 'PvP' will only work in full player lobbies and not in Bot Bootcamp. If neither are in the text, chances are Bot Bootcamp matches will award progress just fine, which is often an easy way to tick off a Challenge, so long as any required modes or weapons are in rotation there.

Finally, don't forget about your Challenge Swap consumables. These can be used to replace a particularly nasty Challenge with another from the pool, although there are of course no guarantees that the new one will be any better. Still, if you're playing fairly regularly, you should have enough of these to banish a few rough Challenges per week — they pop up every few tiers on the free Battle Pass and just playing six quick matches a day is enough to get exactly one tier's worth of XP before you even factor in Weekly Challenges and any other bonuses, so don't be afraid to nuke any Weeklies you really don't like the sound of. Next up, let's look at Season 2's first event...

Halo Infinite Season 2: Interference event and rewards (May 3rd to May 16th)

Along with the new Battle Pass and all the other good stuff that Season 2 brings with it, we've also got a new event with its own free mini-pass to work through by completing Event Challenges. Interference runs for two weeks and ends on May 16th, so here's a quick look at what's up for grabs during this time.

TierRarityTypeArmor CoreName
2EpicAI ColorN/ACastor's Keeper
3RareStanceN/ASafety Off
4EpicWeapon CoatingN/AOnyx Timberwolf (MK50 Sidekick)
6RareChestRakshasaAAP/Kard Plate
7RareKnee PadsRakshasaUA/Type PTL
8EpicWeapon CoatingN/AOnyx Timberwolf (S7 Sniper)
9RareVisorRakshasaWulfenite Eyes
10LegendaryHelmet AttachmentN/ATAS[2]/Patternwolf
So how do you rank up in this limited-time event? Simple — Weekly Challenges that have the little orange banner on them are Event Challenges that contribute to progress in Interference, so you might want to prioritise these if there's something in this pass that you want, since this lot will only be around for two weeks while the Battle Pass content will be available all season, or forever if you go Premium. All current Event Challenges are related to the new Last Spartan Standing mode, so you'll be getting plenty of practice in there if you have your sights on any of these Interference goodies. Remember that you don't need to take the weapon upgrade immediately after reaching a score threshold, and can sit on it if you'd prefer to keep your current weapon than the one at the next tier up, then look to skip right to a later weapon.

Next, let's break down everything you can earn this season by ranking up. Please note that you can only have one active Battle Pass at a time, so if you're still working through Season 1, you'll need to switch to the Season 2 Battle Pass manually in order to start making progress through the new one. As for older Battle Passes, you cannot switch back to expired free passes, only ones that you have bought.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass rewards

TierRarityTypeArmor CoreNameFree/Premium
1RareBackdropN/ABroken DreamsFree
1LegendaryKill EffectN/ASurvival of the FittestPremium
2RareHelmetMark VIIBrawlerPremium
3EpicCharmN/ALone WolfPremium
4RareKnee PadsMark VIIUA/Type DPFree
4EpicHelmet AttachmentN/AMk17 Mod1 CBRN/KuznetsPremium
5CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
5CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
6EpicArmor CoreN/ARakshasaFree
6CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
7CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
7RareLeft Shoulder PadRakshasaIrongrip RailsPremium
8CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
8RareRight Shoulder PadRakshasaIrongrip RailsPremium
9EpicVehicle CoatingN/AAlabaster CognacFree
10CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
10EpicArmor CoatingRakshasaBlack Coral BonePremium
11CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
12EpicWeapon EmblemN/AFireteam HellhoundPremium
13CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
13EpicWristRakshasaXCUDO NXSPremium
14EpicLeft Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/CambraFree
14EpicKnee PadsRakshasaXCUDO KNEXPremium
15EpicRight Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/CambraFree
15CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
16CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
16CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
17EpicAI ColorN/AHigh CharityPremium
18CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
18EpicArmor CoatingRakshasaDeep StalkerPremium
20CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
21EpicVehicle CoatingN/ABistre MortuumFree
21CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
22EpicVehicle EmblemN/AFireteam HellhoundPremium
23CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
23EpicVisorRakshasaMentor's GiftPremium
24EpicArmor CoatingMark VIIAlabaster CognacFree
24LegendaryHelmet AttachmentN/AHUL-I/RS/RosekeyPremium
25CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
25CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
26EpicGlovesMark VIIMirusFree
26CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
27RareBackdropN/ACross PurposesPremium
28CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
28RareStanceN/AArmed RespitePremium
29EpicArmor CoatingMark VIIBluewood BoleFree
29EpicWeapon CoatingN/APower Projection (MA40)Premium
30CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
30LegendaryArmor KitRakshasaSigrid Eklund KitPremium
31RareHelmetMark VIIVolantFree
31CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
32RareVehicle CoatingN/ACatawba LiverPremium
33CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
33EpicArmor EmblemN/AFireteam HellhoundPremium
34RareLeft Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/ToktuFree
34EpicHelmetMark VIIRampartPremium
35RareRight Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/ToktuFree
35CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
36CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
36CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
37RareGlovesMark VIIAnkPremium
38CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
38EpicChestMark VIITAC/M2497 PouchesPremium
39RareChestMark VIITAC/Paradise RigFree
39EpicHelmet AttachmentN/ATAS/OrcusPremium
40CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
40LegendaryAI ColorN/ASearing WindPremium
41EpicUtilityMark VIIWatsmil Ammo PouchFree
41CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
42EpicNameplateN/AFireteam HellhoundPremium
43CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
43RareArmor CoatingRakshasaCatawba LiverPremium
44RareVisorMark VIIUnyielding WillFree
44LegendaryHelmet AttachmentN/AUA/AzhantiPremium
45CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
45CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
46RareChestMark VIITAC/Packrat RigFree
46CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
47RareVisorMark VIICharging ArmadilloPremium
48CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
48EpicLeft Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/PhilesPremium
49EpicArmor CoatingMark VIICascade ClayFree
49EpicRight Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/PhilesPremium
50CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
50LegendaryAI ModelN/AIratusPremium
51EpicHelmet AttachmentN/AHUL-I/RS[X]/HemlockFree
51CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
52EpicVehicle EmblemN/AFireteam JorogumoPremium
53CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
53EpicHelmet AttachmentN/ATAC/RS/MidnightPremium
54RareLeft Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/HyblFree
54LegendaryArmor CoatingRakshasaBlazing GunmetalPremium
55RareRight Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/HyblFree
55CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
56CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
56CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
57RareKnee PadsRakshasaSportstek Model 21Premium
58CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
58LegendaryLeft Shoulder PadRakshasaUTIL/CoolshotPremium
59RareArmor CoatingRakshasaByzantium DreamFree
59LegendaryRight Shoulder PadRakshasaUTIL/CoolshotPremium
60CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
61EpicAI ColorN/AMoa DelightFree
61CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
62EpicWeapon EmblemN/AFireteam JorogumoPremium
63CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
63EpicHelmetRakshasaAKIS II-GRDPremium
64EpicVehicle CoatingN/ABluewood BoleFree
65CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
65CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
66EpicKnee PadsMark VIIUA/Type BFFree
66CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
68CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
69RareArmor CoatingMark VIIOld VoodooFree
69LegendaryHelmet AttachmentN/ATAS/LantifridPremium
70CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
70EpicArmor EffectN/APackmaster's GlarePremium
71RareHelmetMark VIILinebreakerFree
71CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
72RareVisorRakshasaControlled GrowthPremium
73CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
73EpicArmor EmblemN/AFireteam JorogumoPremium
74RareLeft Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/VorenusFree
74EpicHelmet AttachmentN/AMetashak TallyhoPremium
75RareRight Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/VorenusFree
75CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
76CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
76CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
77EpicLeft Shoulder PadRakshasaUTIL/Teccniqe Iota-12Premium
78CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
78EpicRight Shoulder PadRakshasaUTIL/Teccniqe Iota-12Premium
79RareArmor CoatingMark VIISizzling CoralFree
79LegendaryUtilityRakshasaBrace of BladesPremium
80CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
81EpicHelmet AttachmentN/AHUL[5X]/BNR/EchelonFree
81CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
82EpicNameplateN/AFireteam JorogumoPremium
83CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
83EpicVisorRakshasaFireblood RiftPremium
84EpicLeft Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/TomrisFree
84LegendaryHelmet AttachmentN/ATAS/PattonPremium
85EpicLeft Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/TomrisFree
85CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
86CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
86CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
87EpicKnee PadsRakshasaUA/Type MEP[B]Premium
88CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
88LegendaryLeft Shoulder PadRakshasaBanished TrophyPremium
89RareArmor CoatingRakshasaEcru AbbeyFree
89LegendaryRight Shoulder PadRakshasaBanished TrophyPremium
90CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
91RareVisorMark VIITactical ModalitiesFree
91CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
93CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
93EpicWeapon CoatingN/AOlympus Tactical (VK78)Premium
94EpicLeft Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/DemingFree
94LegendaryArmor KitRakshasaHieu Dinh KitPremium
95EpicRight Shoulder PadMark VIIUA/DemingFree
95CommonCurrencyN/A100 CreditsPremium
96CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
96CommonConsumableN/AXP BoostPremium
97EpicUtilityRakshasaUTIL/Entrenching ToolPremium
98EpicMythic Effect SetN/AHuntmaster's TrailPremium
99CommonConsumableN/AChallenge SwapFree
99LegendaryLeft Shoulder PadRakshasaSkullbearer TrophyPremium
100LegendaryWristMark VIIDeaconcrest Shield NodeFree
100LegendaryRight Shoulder PadRakshasaSkullbearer TrophyPremium

While the cool new Rakshasa Armor Core is included in the free tier of the Battle Pass, you won't be able to customise it an awful lot without forking out some Credits — the vast majority of the interesting modifications for the new core are only available via the Premium pass, with most of the free ones instead being for the stock Mark VII core. Otherwise, it's more or less the expected blend of consumables every few levels, some pretty neat new cosmetics, and some questionable ones... who here is hyped to grind their way to tier 97 to arm themselves with a useless little shovel? Please, don't all speak up at once.

Like many other premium passes in live service-style games, Halo Infinite's Season 2 Premium Battle Pass offers enough Credits to earn the next season's pass through play, with a total of 1,000 Credits (which, conveniently, is exactly how much the Premium Pass costs) up for grabs so long as you can scale the dizzy heights of tier 95 by the time the next season rolls around. 343 has made some improvements to progression, so between this and the fact that Season 2 is set to be another long one and run until November, you should have plenty of time to earn all those Credits — and all that other stuff — in plenty of time for Season 3. Finally, let's look at what's new in Season 2, and what is still to come over the course of the Lone Wolves season...

What's new in Halo Infinite Season 2?

  • New game modes — Last Spartan Standing (available now) is a 12-player Free For All multi-life elimination style mode where kills upgrade your weapons as you battle to stay inside a shrinking safe zone (a mini battle royale, effectively), King of the Hill (available now) is a rework of the classic mode and the original version also returns via Custom Games, and Land Grab (due May 24th) is a new multi-zone control mode.
  • New maps: Catalyst (Arena) and Breaker (Big Team Battle) are both available now.
  • New playlist: Rumble Pit is an eight-player playlist that incorporates all kinds of Free For All modes, in keeping with Season 2's Lone Wolves name.
  • New store content, which refreshes weekly.

Coming soon to Halo Infinite Season 2

  • Event: Fracture (week one of six starts May 24th), which will revolve around the new Land Grab mode that drops at the same time, and will have its own mini-pass of 30 rewards, including the exclusive Eaglestrike Armor Core and various cosmetics for it.
  • Event: Alpha Pack (begins July 19th, runs for two weeks), similar to the current Interference event and once again coming with its own ten-tier mini-pass of exclusive rewards.
  • Campaign co-op and story mission replay, both currently targetting late August.

For even more info, check out the full Season 2 patch notes.

And... breathe. There's a lot going on in Halo Infinite Season 2, so let us know below if you're enjoying the new stuff, if you're only back for the last achievement(s), if you're holding off for more features, or whatever your Infinite journey looks like so far... and please do let us know if you come across any Weekly Challenges we haven't seen yet so we can crowd-source the ultimate master list!

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