Easy Gamerscore: The 25 quickest completions from the latest Xbox sales

Sean Carey - May 17th 2022

A new Xbox sale has arrived, and we've trawled through everything it has to offer to bring you a list of 25 quick and easy game completions that can be picked up on the cheap.

As always, we've linked you to each game's hub, where you'll find achievement lists, guides, and full-blown achievement walkthroughs (if one has been written). We've also detailed this week's easiest, cheapest, and highest-rated games just below the table.

Quickest Xbox game completions from the latest sales

A Hero and a Garden

As per TA Ratios, the easiest game on our list this week is A Hero and a Garden, which has 15 achievements that can be unlocked in under an hour. A Hero and a Garden is a visual novel, and most of its achievements are unlocked simply by playing through its story. However, there are several missables that you'll need to keep an eye out for during your playthrough. For those pesky missables, we recommend following TheOnlyMatto's excellent A Hero and a Garden walkthrough. The visual novel is on sale this week for just $3.49/£3.49/€3.49 and has a community rating of 1.82/5, which suggests it's a bit of a stinker.

Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure

The cheapest game of the bunch is tied between Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure and Bear With Me: The Lost Robots — both are on sale this week for $0.99/£0.79/€0.99. Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure has 36 achievements that will take you between six and eight hours to unlock. However, if you follow our Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure walkthrough, written by punkyliar, you might be able to grab the completion in under four hours.

Tales from the Borderlands

Unsurprisingly, the game with the highest TA community rating this week is Tales from the Borderlands, which sits with a 4.24/5 community rating. The game has a total of 35 achievements that can will take you anywhere between five and ten hours to unlock, depending on how you want to play through the game. You shouldn't need a walkthrough for this one, considering all of its achievements are unlocked by playing through the game's story, but we do have a Tales from the Borderlands walkthrough (written by PangoBara) if you want a guiding hand. Tales from the Borderlands is on sale this week for $14.99/£11.99/€14.99.

To view everything on offer from the latest Xbox sale, make sure you visit the sales page, where you can filter games by genre, see ratings, and more.

Which of these will you be picking up this week? Let us know!