How to play Wonder Woman in MultiVersus

Luke Albigés - May 27th 2022

If Wonder Woman is your fighter of choice when you enter the crossover mayhem of Warner's MultiVersus, you'll need to know what the Justice League's leading lady can do. Here's a guide to her moves, abilities, and combos.

Wonder Woman is a tanky melee fighter with the ability to shield herself and allies while engaging in stage control using the Lasso of Truth. Like Shaggy, she is listed as a 'Recommended' character in the MultiVersus open beta, and her well-rounded kit and strong defensive tools certainly make Diana a great pick, especially for new players looking to start working on the MultiVersus achievements with a free character. Here's everything she can do...

Current data based on open beta, and will be updated to reflect changes in later releases. Button references use default Xbox controls.

Wonder Woman MultiVersus character guide

Horizontal/Vertical KO Bias:Horizontal
Unlocked:Complete tutorial

Wonder Woman's passive abilities

Bracer Meter: Beneath Wonder Woman, you'll see a small gauge. This can be filled by either blocking projectiles with her shield (by holding Y after performing Warrior's Charge) or getting hit while armoured. While charged, your next Amazon Shout will be powered up significantly based on how full the Bracer Meter is, but the gauge will also be emptied. The max power version does excellent damage and massive knockback, so you're very much encouraged to be blocking shots and taking one for the team as much as you can.

Wonder Woman's normal attacks

Neutral X — Sword of Ares: A single chargeable sword swipe. Wonder Woman takes a step forward as she swings, making this a decent gap-closer, plus you can cancel out of the charge with either a jump or dodge. Doing so at the last possible moment will also preserve some of the move's forward momentum.
Side X — Amazon Combo: A spinning flurry of three individual hits — sword swing, sweep, and a shield bash finisher. Each hit of the combo can be delayed, seemingly a universal thing across most if not all characters, but worth mentioning in case other characters do not have this ability. Can be cancelled into anything (including special attacks) any time before the final hit.
Up X — Shield Bash: A short-range overhead shield swing. Can be charged, but not cancelled. Charged version has excellent lift, even at fairly low damage.
Down X — Amazon Shout: A charged area 'projectile' that summons a damaging field around Wonder Woman. Charging increases the size of the blast, while her Bracer Meter boosts its power and knockback depending on how full it is. Wonder Woman has a brief window of armour towards the end of a full charge, while any allies caught in the blast will gain armour for their own for a length of time relative to how long you charged Amazon Shout.

Air Neutral X — Whirling Sword: Diana twirls in the air with her sword extended. Can hit up to twice when used right on top of an opponent (risky if not part of a combo), and with break through armoured characters or attacks.
Air Side X — Flying Slash: A soaring downwards sword slash with decent horizontal knockback. You can use quick fall (down on the left stick while in the air) during the move animation to surprise opponents who think it might go over their heads by diving to their level during the attack.
Air Up X — Rising Kick: A backflip with an upwards kick at the peak. This attack has a sweet spot at the tip of Wonder Woman's foot which will do more damage and knockback if you can connect with the very end, although it is a little slow to come out so it might take some practice to learn proper timings and spacings. Along with Shield Bash, this is one of her better options for taking vertical KOs.
Air Down X — Falling Spear: Wonder Woman's spike is extremely fast, with her quickly thrusting her sword downwards as she falls. Excellent for taking bottom-screen KOs after using her solid horizontal moves to bump foes off the edge, and will even score top-screen KOs with a powerful ground bounce effect if the opponent has taken considerable damage.

Wonder Woman's special attacks

Neutral Y — Lasso of Truth: Tap Y to extend the lasso, which covers a decent distance and will pull enemies and allies alike to your location — great for either rescuing your buddy from a combo, or getting in on zoning characters who like to keep their distance. Several of her signature perks alter its properties, as you'll see in the section below. Can be angled up or down slightly by aiming with the left stick as the move starts up.
Side Y — Warrior's Charge: Wonder Woman winds up then delivers a pretty powerful lunging shield bash, with armour and projectile-destroying properties during the strike itself. It has a bit of recovery to it when used normally, but absorbing a projectile with this move will remove the recovery and let her act instantly, as well as adding a little charge to the Bracer Meter. Nearby allies also receive momentary armour if they're close enough when the shield hit comes out, while holding down Y allows you to extend the shield cover indefinitely. You can still move in this state (so it's great for closing distance to get through projectile abuse) but your speed is slower and you can't change the direction you're facing, so you may need to watch your back. When performed in the air, Wonder Woman's side special is instead Soaring Punch, where she flies forward fist-first, doing decent damage and knockback after a slight delay. Like Flying Slash, this move can be adjusted using fast fall to hit much lower than it looks like it will, and you can follow it up quickly.
Up Y — Flying Warrior: Diana performs a vertical variant of Warrior's Charge, bumping enemies into the air. A useful launcher, since it can be cancelled at any point during the move, potentially leading to big aerial combo at fairly low damage levels. It can also be extended by holding Y, which causes Wonder Woman to use her shield as a glider and fall extremely slowly for a short time. Horizontal movement is extremely slow in this state, but on the plus side, allies can use the shield as a temporary platform, potentially giving them a life-saving stepping stone to get back onto the stage rather than concede a stock. A good all-round move with both combo potential and support uses.
Down Y — Defense of the Gods: Immediately dash to a nearby ally, then grant both them and yourself a defensive buff for a few seconds. This enhanced version of armour will prevent both damage and knockback from the next hit taken, but it doesn't last long. Buffing an ally with this will also remove any debuffs on them, while having the state negate a hit adds to the Bracer Meter. This move has a pretty long cooldown considering how brief the buff is, but tanking a hit is undeniably very useful, especially as your team's damage numbers start to get higher.

Wonder Woman's signature perks

Shield of Athena: There's no visual effect on this one so it can be hard to see it working, but this will destroy any projectiles you dodge with perfect timing rather than allow them to pass through you, on a short cooldown. Not overly necessary for general play but fantastic for protecting allies against Mage classes and Reindog, so consider switching to it for those matchups.
Grapple of Hermes: Alters the properties of Lasso of Truth to make it so it can attach to anything (even nothing!) and Wonder Woman will drag herself to that location, doing a small amount of damage if she connects with an opponent. This also makes it an incredible horizontal recovery tool, although it becomes less effective in closing the gap against projectile-happy enemies. Allies caught in the lasso are sent to Diana's original location where she started the move, effectively letting you swap places with them instead of dragging them to you.
Whip of Hephaestus: Extends Lasso of Truth by adding a powerful horizontal knockback whip-crack at the tip of the move, meaning you can either pull in enemies (and allies as normal) or knock them away, depending on spacing. Timing and spacing may again prove difficult to gauge in the heat of a match, but this turns the lasso into a potentially exceptional horizontal KO tool if you can master it. The best option against zoners right now, but Grapple of Hermes is probably the better option for general play right now unless you can really nail your lasso tip strikes.

Wonder Woman tips and tricks

  • Wonder Woman is a character for whom cooldown management is extremely important, as having either Lasso of Truth or Defense of the Gods available at the right times can absolutely save stocks and win matches. Use more liberally when at low damage, but make sure they're ready when you need them once the numbers start to get higher.
  • With some of the best anti-zoning kit in the game, Wonder Woman makes a superb counter-pick to annoying ranged fighters like Tom and Jerry or Reindog. A held Warrior's Charge will let you and your ally approach without worrying about most projectiles, while Lasso of Truth will let you yank them out of their comfort zones and give them a beating. If you're on a losing team that can't deal with enemy stuff-chuckers, consider tagging Diana in to make your life a little easier.
  • Attack decay only affects moves which make contact with opponents repeatedly, so you're free to use Amazon Shout as much as you like to simply buff allies with armour without impacting its combat effectiveness. Charging the move does slightly drain your dodge meter, though, so be sure to hold a little back for when you need it.
  • In terms of perks, Wonder Woman can certainly stand to benefit from training to get some extras. Percussive Punch Power pairs well with her great linear attacks, while School Me Once... makes her even better at dealing with aggressive zoners. Sturdy Dodger can also be good, but it really needs both characters to equip it to triple the armour duration and make it a worthwhile pick. Consider Gravity Manipulation if you enjoy flummoxing opponents with fast-fall air attacks, while I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge pairs well with Coffeezilla (which Wonder Woman learns naturally) to seriously improve cooldown speeds and have her best abilities available more often. Last Stand and Triple Jump are never bad options, either.

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