TA Playlist game for June 2022 announced

The TA Playlist Team - May 27th 2022

Welcome back to another month of TA Playlist! While you’ve still got a few days left trekking through the dark woods avoiding bear traps and buzzsaws in Limbo, the time has come to announce the game that will be featured for June.

This month, we honoured the GTASC winners by allowing each of them to nominate some games that helped them rise to the top of the scoring challenge. Once again, a huge congrats to the three members of “Is This Team Casually Winning?” – Infamous, PRTM CLUESCROL, and JimbotUK – for their victory in the team competition. Since Infamous and PRTM CLUESCROL were also first and second on the Individual side, we included third-place finisher nuttywray for the fourth nomination.

And the winner for the June 2022 TA Playlist game of the month is… Katamari Damacy Reroll.

Katamari Damacy was developed and published by Namco Entertainment, and was originally released for PlayStation 2 in 2004. It became a surprise hit due to its easy gameplay and quirky concept, spawning a franchise with more than a dozen entries and variations across different platforms.

Of course, for the Playlist, we’ll be focused on the HD remaster of the original game, Katamari Damacy Reroll and Katamari Damacy Reroll (Windows), both developed by Monkeycraft and published by Bandai Namco in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Earning an achievement in either version during the month of June will count towards your TA Playlist badge, as will commenting in the forums for the month.

Your “role” in Katamari Damacy is to restore the moon and stars to the heavens after they were accidentally destroyed by your father, the King of All Cosmos. As the five-centimeter-tall Prince, you must go to Earth with your magical sticky ball, or “katamari,” and roll it around, gathering up smaller items to grow the ball until it is massive enough for the King to regenerate the celestial bodies.

Katamari Damacy Reroll has a 3.78/5.00 rating on TA, with roughly 1% of the nearly 35,000 tracked gamers unlocking all 21 achievements. The Windows version has a much smaller player base, at just under 3,000 tracked gamers, although nearly 3% of those users have gotten the completion.

Both versions are available via Game Pass and PC Game Pass and have an estimated completion time of 20-25 hours. There are no walkthroughs for either version, but guides are available for most of the trickier achievements, including “King of Katamari Damacy”, which requires you to roll up all the items in the game and currently sits at a whopping 8.85 TA Ratio for the Xbox One version.

Here’s what PRTM CLUESCROL had to say upon nominating the game: “Charming, humourous and very fun, this game will rope you in quick with its addictive (in my opinion) gameplay. An insanely good soundtrack and full of personality. Rolling all items might look extremely daunting but it's honestly a full roll around the entire time.”

Our voters overwhelmingly agreed or at least thought that this game looked more appealing than the competition. We’ve had some close votes in recent TA Playlist history, but this… this was not one of them. Katamari bowled over the competition right out of the gate and rolled to an easy victory:
As always, head over to the TA Playlist Hub once the Spoiler and Spoiler-free threads are generated at the beginning of the month, and let us know what you think about Katamari Damacy Reroll. Hopefully, you’ll all have a ball with this game, but whatever you think, post a substantive comment in the forum and you might get quoted in next month’s Wrap-Up article!