How to play Finn in MultiVersus

Luke Albigés - May 27th 2022

If you're all about that Adventure Time biz, you'll probably be wanting to get your Finn on in MultiVersus. Here are a bunch of his moves, skills, combos, and abilities that will help you skronk up those other ding-dongs...

Finn is an Assassin-class fighter built around resource management, earning cash for landing hits which can be spent mid-match on team-wide buffs and a potent single-use attack from BMO. Between this complication and the fact that all his normal attacks need to be charged while moving to get the best out of them, he's not the easiest character to play well, but he definitely has a lot going for him. Dishing out a ton of damage will also let you work through the MultiVersus achievements that much quicker!

Current data based on open beta, and will be updated to reflect changes in later releases. Button references use default Xbox controls.

Finn the Human MultiVersus character guide

Horizontal/Vertical KO Bias:Horizontal
UniverseAdventure Time
Unlocked:2,000 Gold / 700 Gleamium / 1 Character Ticket

Finn's passive abilities

Fat Stacks!: Finn's passive makes enemies drop money every time he lands a hit. Either Finn or an ally can collect this cash on the stage to add it to his reserves. Money is used for most of Finn's special attacks and affects them in different ways — his backpack attacks, for instance, deal more damage and knockback with their final hit the more cash you have (but you drop a bunch if you land the hit), while Sweet Deals! is literally just a shop where you can spend your riches on buffs. Finn collects 100 gold for every coin picked up, and can carry a maximum of 10,000... not that you'll ever get that much in an actual match!

Finn's normal attacks

Neutral X — Chop!: To save repeating this four times, let's start out by saying that all four of Finn's grounded normal attacks can be charged, and he can move while charging them. However, they only get more powerful when Finn moves around, with a little gauge beneath him to show how much charge he has. All four can also be cancelled mid-charge with a dodge or jump. Chop! is pretty self-explanatory — it's a powerful single sword swing with decent diagonal knockback.
Side X — The Sword Stuff!: MultiVersus' typical three-hit string, which does serious damage when charged. Can be cancelled into other moves any time before the final blow. The last hit does significant knockback at higher damage levels, making it a decent horizontal KO tool in its own right later in a match, or when cash reserves are too low to be scoring backpack KOs.
Up X — Slasher!: Finn's launcher sees him drag his sword along the ground then swing it forward with such force that he's carried into the air with it. This makes it extremely easy to follow up at low damage, since Finn ends up at almost the exact height as the launched enemy, setting up a free backpack beatdown or whatever kind of air combo you like. Finn doesn't get nearly as much height from the uncharged version.
Down X — Low Blow, Bro!: A plunging ground stab that emits a shockwave when charged. The attack itself breaks armour, while the projectile can hit multiple times and deals great damage. Can also be used as a spike to catch opponents climbing back onto the stage or around pits, and the forward leap at the start of the move might allow this to catch opponents off-guard.

Air Neutral X — Slam-Bam-In-A-Can!: A simple airborne kick, although it also breaks armour so it certainly has its uses. Finn will automatically dash to chase kicked enemies, making this a viable combo extender, although the dash is on a short cooldown after use.
Air Side X — Flying Sword Moves!: A two-swing air combo with Finn's sword. The second hit can be charged, and will automatically come out on hitting the ground.
Air Up X — Sky Punch!: A simple fist attack, but capable of decent knockback especially at higher damage. Good for confirming top-screen KOs.
Air Down X — Ground Chop!: Finn's spike is quite quick to come out, but also very narrow, meaning you'll need that much more precision to score bottom-screen KOs or big bounces.

Finn's special attacks

Neutral Y — High Five, Dude!: Finn goes in for a huge projectile-reflecting high-five, dealing solid damage and a good amount of horizontal knockback. Can be charged (and the charge can be dodge/jump cancelled) but does not power up in the same way as other charged moves — it has its own meter that sits beneath Finn while he isn't charging another move, which fills as he moves around and is emptied upon going for the high five. At higher charge levels, catching an ally with this move sets off a damaging projectile aura around Finn for some extra damage. The air version also pushes Finn back a little bit, so you can be a little more aggressive with it when chasing off-stage KOs.
Side Y — Get Skronked!: A short dash behind the safety of a projectile-blocking shield. Does moderate damage and knockback, but is more a tool for getting in on projectile-happy characters/players. The air version, Mathematical Air Dash!, is considerably more versatile. At first glance, it seems like a straight downgrade of the ground version as it loses the shield, but it comes into its own if Finn has a gem in play from either Throwin' Stones! or his On The House! perk. When he does, this move changes to perform the air version even if used on the ground, with Finn instantly dashing to the gem before slashing. This allows for positional shenanigans, new combo opportunities, and extreme recoveries... it's really good.
Up Y — Backpack Attack!: Finn spins around, slapping opponents multiple times with his backpack. The final hit does extra damage and knockback proportional to his cash reserves, although it will cause Finn to drop some of that cash if it connects. It's worth it, though, as this is one of his main KO tools and just a solid attack in general. In the air, it becomes Soaring Backpack Attack!, which is basically the same but with more vertical lift — great for taking top-screen KOs and recovery alike.
Down Y — Sweet Deals!: Most fighting games can't say they boast a character who can go shopping mid-match, but MultiVersus is not most fighting games. By holding the input, Finn will call upon the services of Choose Goose and can use left and right to toggle between three purchasable items — boots, armour, and BMO. The boots are the cheapest option at 500 gold and give both Finn and his ally a decent lifelong speed boost that can be stacked by buying additional buffs at increasing costs. "Buns of steel," meanwhile, costs 600 gold and gets you a projectile-blocking shield good for three deflections whenever you are charging an attack (which Finn does a lot). When charging, the shield is also applied to your teammate, and this one can also be stacked to protect against more projectiles. The final option is good ol' BMO, who is a hefty 1,000 gold and follows Finn around, replacing Sweet Deals! with BMO Chop!, an extremely powerful single-use move that does ridiculous horizontal knockback. The move has armour, but BMO will leave your side whether it connects or not, so make sure you land it or you're down a grand for nothing. Finally, since you can't go shopping in the air, this move changes to Throwin' Stones! while jumping, which spends a few coins to toss down a gem. As well as these being beacons for Mathematical Air Dash!, they can be picked up and thrown like regular items to deal modest damage.

Finn's signature perks

Going Out Of Business: All items in Choose Goose's shop when using Sweet Deals! are 200 gold cheaper for ten seconds after an ally is knocked out. The discount becomes permanent whenever Finn is at 100 damage or more. This can be a useful tool for reapplying buffs after losing a stock, but it gets worse the better you and your team are performing — if they're not taking Ls and you're not eating lots of damage, it does nothing. Feels like the weaker of the two current options, although can serve as a nice tech to switch to for assisting a struggling ally in a rematch.
On The House!: Connecting with a fully-charged ground attack generates a free gem identical to those bought with Throwin' Stones!. Not only does this allow you to get a lot more use out of the gem-enhanced Mathematical Air Dash!, but it also sets up all kinds of new combo opportunities — a max charge launcher on a moderately injured opponent, for instance, launches the gem along with the victim, letting you dash right to them instantly and follow up with Sky Punch! to confirm the KO. Extremely strong, and just as cost-effective as Going Out Of Business (if not more so) as long as you're landing those big hits, which Finn will usually be doing.

Finn tips and tricks

  • Make liberal use of Finn's normal sword attacks — they have great range and priority, and can often lead to easy combo openings if they don't outright score the KO (which they can all do at higher damage values).
  • Quick-shopping is a skill to master early and will allow you to buy buffs even in the heat of battle. You only need to tap down+Y to get the speed boost, but holding it very briefly while tapping right once or twice will grab the armour and BMO respectively (assuming you have enough gold).
  • Finn's charged normals can be powered up while barely moving, simply by quickly alternating between left and right on the stick to wiggle in place. Playing him like this can be very input-intensive, but it's the best way to get his heavy-hitting moves powered up without leaving yourself too open in the process.
  • Interestingly, Finn cannot walk off ledges while charging an attack, so that's one less thing to worry about!
  • Observant players will be able to tell which attack you're charging from the position of Finn's sword, but that doesn't mean you can't keep them on their toes. Mix things up by cancelling the charge with a dodge or jump at the last second to smack them with a different attack to the one they saw coming!
  • In terms of additional perks to train, there are a lot of potentially strong options for Finn. If you like your juggle combos, Lumpy Space Punch will add a little more damage to your airborne hits, while Snowball Effect will be very effective if you like to gang up on opposing fighters. Painted Target can also be a nice damage boost, since Finn has several strong moves and strings that are natural combos. Percussive Punch Power is a no-brainer for a character like this whose focus is on linear attacks, and Triple Jump is never a bad pick. If you use Going Out Of Business, it synergises well with both Last Stand and The Purest Of Motivations to get more value out of those discounted buffs with additional benefits.

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