GTA Online: New events, best deals, additions, and GTA+ bonuses (August 13th)

Tom West - June 11th 2022

GTA Online players have another week of exciting rewards, bonuses, discounts, and events to look forward to on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as those of you with a GTA+ membership.

Los Santos really is a land of giving, and Rockstar makes sure to remind us of that every week with the introduction of various bonuses, discounts, and freebies in GTA Online. Whether you enjoy going head-to-head with other players, shopping around for bargains, going for joyrides in brand-new vehicles, or losing yourself in your work while you're growing your business, there should be something for everyone on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Outside of GTA Online this week, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said during a conference call that the next entry into the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway and that Rockstar will once again be aiming to set creative benchmarks.

This week marks the introduction of the Cayo Perico Series; ten brand-new races for you to partake in around El Rubio's compound and surrounding beaches — and there are some bonuses to be had for giving them a go. On top of that, the new Declasse Draugur is now available for anyone that wants to improve their off-road driving skills. All the non-GTA+ bonuses and rewards listed here will be available until Wednesday, August 17th, and we'll have access to bonuses, freebies, and discounts galore.

GTA+ members on Xbox Series X|S can enjoy the additional benefits of their subscription alongside the free bonuses, freebies, and discounts available to non-GTA+ members. These bonuses will all be available through August 31st, so you'll have plenty of time to reap the rewards of your membership.

GTA Online's freebies, events, bonuses, and discounts for all players (Ends August 17th)

The weekly GTA Online bonuses are available for all players across Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, aside from the specifically stated Hao's Special Works, which is for Xbox Series X|S only. Head to Los Santos and reap the rewards that a life of criminal enterprise can give you.

Free stuff!

Who doesn’t like freebies? This week has a few of the usual suspects available such as Test Track vehicles and Diamond Casino Podium prizes.

  • Lucky Wheel: Head over to the Diamond Casino & Resort to claim your free spin on The Lucky Wheel and be in with a chance of winning RP, GTA$, clothing, snacks, and more. If you’re super lucky you might even win this week’s podium prize: The Übermacht Cypher!
  • Test Track: Three vehicles are available for players to test drive at the LS Car Meet's Test Track this week: Enus Super Diamond, Lampadati Pigalle, and Windsor Drop
  • Clothing: Just by logging in this week, you'll be sent a Keinemusik Cayo Perico Tee free-of-charge to celebrate the new Series.

Events & Bonuses

Unlike the easy gains above, these offers require you to put in a little effort — that doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing, though.

  • Cayo Perico Series: By getting behind the wheel and playing the races included in the Cayo Perico series this week, you'll net yourself an additional x2 GTA$ and RP.
  • Buried Stashes: Head over to Cayo Perico this week to partake in Buried Stashes missions and earn yourself GTA$ and RP alongside the treasures.
  • Executive Office Source Cargo Mission: After purchasing yourself a Warehouse during this week's discounts, why not take part in an Executive Office Source Cargo Mission to receive a sweet GTA$150K bonus?
  • Criminal Career Missions: By heading to Los Santos this week to complete any Gunrunning, MC, Nightclub Warehouse, or Special Cargo Sell Mission you'll earn a pair of White Beat Off Earphones.
  • Prize Ride: LS Car Meet members who take part in the Pursuit Series this week, and win for three days in a row, will earn the Ocelot Swinger.
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom: Simeon's Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom is now open in Los Santos and will offer five customised featured vehicles each week for you to check out, test drive, and purchase. This week the Showroom will be offering: Annis Remus with the Premier Stripe livery, Benefactor Stirling GT in Metallic Orange with the Simple Black Roundel livery, Declasse Tornado (convertible) in Classic Cast Iron Silver, Enus Cognoscenti in Pearlescent Black, and Vulcar Nebula Turbo with the Oodles of Doodles livery.
  • Luxury Autos Showroom: Alongside Simeon's Showroom, the Luxury Autos Showroom will also be offering its own pair of vehicles for you to purchase each week. This week you can get: Matte Green Överflöd Autarch and Matte Dark Blue Pegassi Torero XO.

Xbox Series X|S only
Thanks to Hao's Special Works, players on Xbox Series X|S will be offered exclusive activities each week on top of the other events and bonuses.

  • Time Trial: Head to Hao's Special Works this week to see how some of his heavily modified vehicles handle the latest HSW Time Trial between Textile City and Stab City.
  • Test Ride: Hao is offering players a chance to take the heavily modified The Karin S95 for a test drive this week. Don't forget that you can purchase Hao's rides straight from the podium if you like what you see.


It wouldn't be a GTA Online newsletter without the usual weekly discounts, and we've listed them below for you to peruse:

  • 60% Off Grotti Carbonizzare
  • 50% Off Enus Super Diamond
  • 50% Off Loungewear
  • 50% Off Pfister 811
  • 50% Off Shitzu Defiler
  • 40% Off Bunkers
  • 40% Off Enus Cognoscenti
  • 40% Off Enus Windsor Drop
  • 40% Off HVY Brickade
  • 40% Off Vapid FMJ
  • 40% Off Vapid Imperator (Arena)
  • 30% Off All Ammo
  • 30% Off Ocelot Penetratorr
  • 30% Off Progen Itali GTB
  • 30% Off Progen T20
  • 30% Off Special Cargo Warehouses

GTA+ freebies, events, and bonuses for subscribers on Xbox Series X|S (Ends August 31st)

GTA+ is a premium membership for players on Xbox Series X|S (and PS5), which you can subscribe to for $5.99 a month. Each month you'll receive a GTA$500,000 lumpsum, an assortment of additional freebies and bonuses alongside the weekly offerings, and access to special Shark Cards on the Xbox Store. You can find out more on the official GTA+ website.

More free stuff!

You'll be given a host of rewards for subscribing to GTA+, such as clothing items, vehicles, customisations, and more.

  • Vehicle: Head to Legendary Motorsport to pick up a flashy new ride, the Lampadati Corsita, for free.
  • Organisation Abilities: This month there won't be any GTA$ charge for using Organisation Abilities, such as Bribe Authorities, Ghost Organisation, and more. Auto Shop owners will be able to repair their vehicles free of charge.
  • Executive Office: Owners of the Executive Office will be able to claim a Garage and Safe for free this month, and Special Cargo missions will have an increased chance of including Special Items.

A selection of time-limited items are yours to claim for no additional cost and come in the form of everything listed below.

  • Apricot Perseus Cap
  • Gold Beat Off Earphones
  • Apricot Perseus Track Pants

Events & Bonuses

GTA+ members have exclusive access to bonuses from a selection of missions and events. Get out there and reap the rewards while making a name for yourselves.

  • Operation Paper Trail: Going undercover for the IAA in Operation Paper Trail this month will see you paid an additional 50% GTA$ and RP.