Fall Guys: What is Kudos, and how do you earn it?

Luke Albigés - June 21st 2022

Fall Guys has been relaunched as a free-to-play multiplayer party game, and Mediatonic's colourful 'last bean standing' free-for-all now sports two unique currencies. Here, we'll go over Kudos, what it's for, and how you get it.

Fall Guys has a lot of new stuff now it has been reborn in the F2P space, including returning currency Kudos being joined by new currency, Show-Bucks.

What is Kudos in Fall Guys?

Kudos is Fall Guys' in-game currency, earned exclusively via in-game activity. It cannot be bought with real money.

How do you earn Kudos in Fall Guys?

New players start with a balance of 1,000 Kudos, and there are three main ways to earn more. These are as follows:

Completing Challenges: Of all the three Challenge types — Daily, Weekly, and Marathon Challenges — it looks like only Daily missions offer Kudos rewards. The more in-depth Challenges in the higher tiers instead offer Season Pass progress and even Crown Shards. As the name suggests, Daily Challenges will refresh every 24 hours, giving you several opportunities to earn more Kudos most days, if not every day!

Seasonal Events: Over the course of each season, Fall Guys will run special timed events. These should offer more chances than usual to add to your Kudos wallet, as well as bringing their own unique cosmetic items... you won't want to miss these special shows!

Season Pass progression: Kudos can be earned through both the Free tier of the Fall Guys Season Pass. In Season 1, there's 2,600 Kudos up for grabs — you'll need to make it all the way to tier 88 to pocket it all, though, so best get tumbling!

What is Kudos used for in Fall Guys?

Kudos can be spent in the in-game store to purchase minor cosmetics. These include low-rarity costume pieces, as well as most decorative cosmetic items such as Nameplates, Nicknames, Colours, and so on. Rarer cosmetics will instead require Show-Bucks, Fall Guys' paid currency.

That should be everything you need to know about Kudos for now, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start earning Kudos by having the time of your life playing Fall Guys!

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