Fall Guys: What are Show-Bucks, and how do you earn them?

Luke Albigés - June 21st 2022

Fall Guys has finally come to Xbox, reborn as a free-to-play party game that you can enjoy with friends wherever they play, as it not supports full cross-play. Here's all you need to know about the new Show-Bucks currency.

Fall Guys has a lot of new features and systems now it has gone F2P, which includes old currency Kudos being joined by new second currency, Show-Bucks.

What are Show-Bucks in Fall Guys?

Show-Bucks are the new paid currency of Fall Guys, and you'll want to think carefull about how you spend them — they're not as easy to come by as Kudos, that's for sure!

How do you earn Show-Bucks in Fall Guys?

Unlike Kudos, there's only one way to earn Show-Bucks in-game, and that's via Season Pass progression. Both the Free and Premium tiers have some Show-Bucks to be won, although there are significantly more available on the Premium side. The Season Pass offers 1,500 Show-Bucks in total (1,200 on the Premium side, and the 300 on the Free side), and since the Premium pass only costs 950 Show-Bucks, it effectively pays for itself so long as you put the time in to earn all of those rewards and wish to continue playing.

This does mean, however, that those wanting to get involved with everything Season 1 has to offer will need to put down a little cash up-front. While Season Pass rewards are the only way to 'earn' Show-Bucks, you can also purchase them with real cash. Please remember to spend responsibly, and to check with a parent or guardian where relevant. As we say, regular players will earn more Show-Bucks from the pass then it costs to purchase the pass itself, meaning it's always possible to earn enough to buy the next season's pass purely with your in-game earnings, and even have a little spending money left over if you're a real Fall Guys fanatic.

What are Show-Bucks used for in Fall Guys?

As well as unlocking the Premium tier of the Season Pass, Show-Bucks are also used to purchase the fancier cosmetic items in the Fall Guys store, typically special costumes in which to dress up your beans. Bear in mind that while the Season Pass can be made to eventually pay for itself, the same cannot be said of these one-off purchases, so please consider value carefully when browsing the store.

That's all we've got for you on Show-Bucks for now, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start earning Show-Bucks by partying with your friends in the weird and wacky world of Fall Guys!

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