Fall Guys: What are Crowns, and how do you earn them?

Luke Albigés - June 21st 2022

With up to 60 participants in every madcap episode of free-for-all action game show Fall Guys, seeing off the competition and taking home the Crown can be tough. It's worth it, though, with loads of neat rewards up for grabs.

Crowns are the ultimate status symbol in Fall Guys, and prove true mastery of this multi-round knockout game show. Beginners will likely struggle to get their hands on even one Crown, but you'll need a lot more than that if you want to unlock the rarest and coolest items in the game...

What are Crowns in Fall Guys?

Unlike Kudos and Show-Bucks, Crowns are not a traditional currency. Instead, they're your reward for emerging victorious over all of the other beans, and rather than needing to spend them to unlock extra goodies, you simply get those rewards as you amass Crowns.

How do you earn Crowns in Fall Guys?

This one's easy... win! Every victory in a solo show or special event will earn you one Crown, with wins while teamed up with player players as a squad will instead reward Crown Shards. These will be combined into actual Crowns once enough have been unlocked to form a full one, and Crown Shards can also be earned for various Marathon Challenges over the course of a season, so those big milestones needed for later Crown Rank tiers may not be quite as daunting as they first appear.

What are Crowns used for in Fall Guys?

Earning Crowns simply boosts your Crown Rank, progressing you along a single lifetime reward track not unlike the Season Pass. You'll need increasingly more Crowns to reach higher ranks — just one will rank you up for the first time and grab the Kingswood Colour, then two more Crowns per tier up to Crown Rank 5 before the numbers start to get even bigger. Currently, the top Crown Rank is 54, which requires a whopping 4,500 Crowns... another 500+ Crowns after reaching rank 53! Best get busy...

With this knowledge under your belt, you're hopefully one step closer to working on your Crown collection and starting to unlock some of those cool cosmetics that really let the other beans know who they're messing with. Good luck out there!

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