TA Playlist game for July 2022 announced

The TA Playlist Team - June 28th 2022

Welcome back to another month of TA Playlist! June is almost over, and while we hope you’re still having fun rolling up everything from thumbtacks to mountains in Katamari Damacy Reroll, the time has come to announce the featured TA Playlist game for July!

This July will mark the 13th annual Bean Dive on TrueAchievements. This event, inspired by TA member Beanpotter, encourages you to tank your completion percentage as much as possible by popping one achievement from every game in your backlog and then trying to recover back to your original completion percentage. Some members have managed to recover from many successful Bean Dives, while others have been working years to recover from one massive Dive in the past, but either way, it’s a fun (if slightly insane) way to get those games out of your backlog and get those achievements popping!

For this month’s Playlist, we nominated four games with a diving or nautical theme to honour those dedicated individuals who are preparing to take the plunge in July. Abzu, Call of the Sea, and Song of the Deep were among the nominees, but one game rose quickly to the surface and never looked back. The July 2022 TA Playlist game of the month is: Soma

Soma was developed and published by Frictional Games, known for dark and suspenseful survival-horror games such as the Amnesia series. Soma sits firmly within that genre as well, as you must explore an abandoned research station deep in the abyss.

After being injured in an automobile accident, protagonist Simon Jarrett agrees to undergo an experimental medical procedure. When he wakes up, though, he finds that nearly a century has passed, and he’s now stuck on a remote underwater research station, the PATHOS-II. The radio is dead, food is running out, and the machines have started to think they are people. Simon must explore the station to learn what is happening at the PATHOS-II facility and hopefully escape with his life.

Soma currently holds a 4.07/5.00 community rating and is expected to take 8-10 hours to complete. It has been started by a mere 8,300 people, with about 53% of those getting the completion. Most of the game’s ten achievements are story related, though there’s one missable achievement that you’ll want to watch for. Of course, there’s an excellent walkthrough by Wyyvern to help you make your way through the dark corridors of the PATHOS-II. For those who are interested in the story without the constant threat of death, you can also play on Safe Mode, which allows you to experience the narrative (and earn the achievements) without monsters trying to kill you.

A relatively short and easy-to-finish game that tells a great story? Sounds like a perfect choice for this year’s Bean Dive! The vote this month was pretty one-sided, with many in the comments expressing their appreciation for Soma’s excellent narrative and atmosphere. It led the poll right from the get-go and finished with almost a third of the total votes.

TA Playlist July 2022 vote results

As always, you can earn credit for participation in this month’s TA Playlist by earning any achievement during the game during July or by commenting on either the Spoiler or Spoiler-free discussion forum threads, which will be generated at the beginning of the month. Head over to the TA Playlist Hub, and let us know what you think about Soma’s deep, dark mysteries. Time to Dive! [dive]

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