Riders Republic to close part of its map to raise wildfire awareness

Heidi Nicholas - July 4th 2022

As part of Playing for the Planet, Riders Republic will feature a "short and intense" live event all about the consequences and impacts of wildfires.

Gameplay director Boris Maniora says the event won't be announced as such — instead, players will be "immersed immediately in the consequences of wildfires on the outskirts of the map when booting the game."

Riders Republic will be part of Playing for the Planet

To help this immediate immersion, Riders Republic will feature an orange sky and a fog caused by fire smoke. Players will wear a gas mask, and won't actually be able to access one part of the map "as it will be 'unbreathable' due to wildfires close by." There will also be a reskin for the Social Hub.

As for what the players can do — they'll be tasked with saving the Sequoia trees from the fire. Maniora adds that the live event will be "short and intense." The photo mode can be used to find out which areas of Sequoia National Park are most at risk, with players given detailed information about past wildfires and even the "projection of future ones." Players can then take part in activities such as clearing the path and covering the trees with aluminium foil, which should help lower the risk of the fire spreading to other areas.

The live event will look at "promoting strategies to reduce wildfire frequency and size as well as have an emotional impact on players regarding the consequences of wildfires." As for when this event will take place, all that's given for the activation date is the end of this year and the start of 2023. There will also apparently be a tree planting event on July 21st. Meanwhile, a Skull & Bones seasonal event will aim to raise overfishing awareness.

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